Meter Asset Manager for your Business

We're a registered Meter Asset Manager (MAM), working closely with businesses across the UK to provide energy metering solutions in the commercial sector.

Headquartered in Livingston, we boast an established team of people with extensive expertise within the utility industries, satisfying the energy metering needs of our client base through unprecedented attention to detail and service.

This is supported and enhanced by an end-to-end digital solution, ensuring all our clients’ meter connections comply with legislation and industry codes of practice.

Bringing meters to life

The specific services we supply incorporate three key areas:

Siteworks – A complete GIRS accredited service providing gas infrastructure works and metering.

Metering – Asset management services provided by an Ofgem accredited MAM.

Energydata 24 – Providing a robust and proven multi-utility ASPCoP approved AMR solution.

To learn more about how Energy Assets can help you, get in touch – we’d be pleased to hear from you.

Energy Assets

Energy Assets is a proven team of gas experts with extensive knowledge in design, construction and provision of metering solutions who work with their clients to comply and exceed their energy strategies and commitments


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