New Gas Connections

The design, planning and construction of infrastructure and/or metering installations may require the excavation and laying of pipework, and can be provided as a complete solution or as individual elements.

This process can include the co-ordination of a number of different skills and services as may be required by specific site conditions.

Energy Assets will manage the relationship with the gas networks to ensure supply is available, and our team arranges all the necessary industry data flows.

Taking care of business

We also organise the design of the connections to ensure they meet both client requirements and the relevant industry design standards. It is particularly important that clients fully and accurately specify their requirements and, if necessary, we can assist in this task.

We can liaise with clients’ designers or contractors to ensure the most efficient management of new connections, and assist in programming the works, which may have significant lead times.

Important: It should be noted that the identification of the supply pressure is particularly important, as works on medium and high-pressure mains requires specialist skills and equipment. Clients should consider this important issue when requesting works.

For more information about new gas connections from Energy Assets, get in touch – we’d be pleased to hear from you. 

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