Gas Meter Replacement

The removal and fitting of replacement gas metering installations will normally require the replacement of not only the meter, but also regulators and other ancillary equipment and connecting pipework from the Emergency Control Valve (ECV) to the meter outlet valve.

Here at Energy Assets, we coordinate site visits with the client and the client’s reps, as well as EAL’s Ofgem Accredited Meter Installers (OAMI’s).

The completion of the metering works is carried out by the gas supplier and is essential to industry required data exchanges between the meter asset manager, xoserve and supplier, with EAL’s custom-built digital solution managing the process from provision of inventory to the delivery of validated data to relevant parties. 

Replacement of meters

Onsite works normally require isolation of the gas supply for a period of time, pressure testing of client pipework downstream of the meter and, where necessary, purging of the complete system to ensure it is left in safe working order.

Where any problems with the client pipework are identified, EAL will endeavour to work with the client to overcome the issues and reinstate the supply. Where this is not possible, the service will be isolated and made safe until rectification work has taken place.

Any detached meter will normally be removed from the site and be made available to its owner in accordance with MAMCoP requirements, unless there are physical constraints preventing this.

Connection works from the outlet side of the replaced metering installation are the responsibility of the client, but can be undertaken by arrangement.

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