LP/MP Surveyor

Location: North East Areas

Category: Gas

Ref No: JD0001

Summary of role

To carry out surveys of MP/LP Gas metering installations from ECV to and including MOV ,Ensuring all key and accurate measurements are taken, looking for any offset vertical/horizontal inlet/outlet observing ,measuring and noting

Take inlet and outlet pressure of installation making sure purge or test points from where pressures are taken are sealed back up on completion free from gas leak and leak detection fluid is applied

Clear photo and written data capture to be inputted /sketched on your supplied IPAD and note/sketch pad of installation, data badges of components and appliances

Carrying out Hazardous area rating on kiosk/meter room looking for adequate ventilation i.e. air bricks, lover doors, purpose made ventilation

Measuring depth, width and length of kiosk/Room, length and width of doors to kiosk/Room

OUTLET PIPEWORK: An estimated meterage of outlet pipework ideally asking for a site plan, design or line diagram for your records to submit with survey

APPLIANCES: Ask about and ask to be shown all appliances take pictures of appliance and any data badges, ask if appliances are auto pilot of manual pilot, ask if appliances are run off BMS if so explain somebody from site will need to be in attendance on day of MEX to turn off, ask if there will be anybody from maintenance in attendance on the day of MEX

ACCESS AND INGRESS: Observe take pictures off access and ingress consider man power most rotary MEX will require two men but on occasions three men, do we need pump trucks, engine hoist, Hiab, is there a clear route i.e. overgrown shrubbery, storage of materials along route if not inform site a clear route will need to be made for day of MEX

CLIENT CONTACT INFOMATON: Record site contact email address, phone numbers, Submit all surveys in a timely manner 

APPERANCE: First impression is the last impression, Full Clean PPE, Hard Hat, Glasses, Gloves, Hi-Viz, Boots, ID Cards must be put on arrival on site before presenting yourself to reception and site contact, a professional manner and politeness to be maintained at all times throughout survey, you are representing the company as professional, some sites are reluctant to let any work progress if the first impression is not excellent 

Key Responsibilities

1. Carry out clear and presise site survey of I & C MP/LP Gas Meter Instalations
2. Take Inlet Outlet Pressures of Gas Meter Instalation
3. Submit Digital Survey in a Timely Manner, no later than the end of each working day
4. Liase with Designers

Qualifications and Experience

1. A Minimum of one or all or more than
2. Flexible

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