Specialist Engineering Expertise Uprates Quarry Kiln Gas System Performance

Energy Assets Utilities (EAU) provides provides expertise to a complicated gas project.


The Hindlow Quarry in Derbyshire is operated by Lhoist, a major provider of specialist products to industry, construction, agriculture and environmental services. The kilns are used to process lime, which is widely used for power-station flue-gas treatment and processing of wastewater.

Energy Assets Utilities (EAU) provides the Buxton facility with gas purging services for the site’s kilns and this relationship led to Lhoist engaging EAU to lead on re-engineering a kiln gas rig to improve safety and reliability.


The work involved adapting the kiln’s original design plans to redesign the gas and air intakes, connecting all the associated pipework and recommissioning the facility.

This involved working closely with Lhoist to re-engineer certain design elements to improve overall kiln reliability and gas system integrity.

Dennis Habergham, Design & Technical Manager at EAU, said that the project presented a number of challenges, notably because technicians were required to work on the top level of the 30m high kiln, which meant negotiating 12 flights of stairs and hoisting all equipment into place from ground level.

Dennis Habergham: “Our ongoing relationship with Lhoist enabled the company to understand the full extent of EAU’s capabilities and so we became the lead contractor on this project, working closely with the local management.”

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EAU did a good job of taking responsibility for the majority of this work, given the time pressure of the project, working flexibly and most importantly, safely. EAU were able to help us implement some design improvements to improve the overall gas system.

Jim Bowman, Capex Manager UK & Nordic Region