University of Keele

Design and installation of an elevated pressure gas meter rig to support the expansion of the University of Keele campus.


Over recent years, the University of Keele has embarked on a far-reaching expansion programme for its campus and business facilities. With this growth came the need for an upgrading of the gas network that would not only meet current requirements but also take account of the university’s plans for the future.

Energy Assets was called in to disconnect and remove an existing 11M medium pressure gas meter and supply and install a new 16M medium pressure twin stream rotary meter and associated pipework capable of managing a load of 4,003kWh at an elevated pressure of 28mbar.

The work had the potential to cause significant disruption but through careful planning, comprehensive communication and close co-operation with the university, Energy Assets was able to complete the work rapidly and on time, utilising the existing inlet and outlet headers and locating the rig within the current housing.


The university acknowledged the extent to which Energy Assets’ planning and installation programming kept disruption to a minimum.

“Please pass on my thanks to the team who arranged and completed the installation. Everything went well, which was due to the co-operation and planning beforehand by Energy Assets and I am pleased to say that the inconvenience to my customers on site was minimal.”

Paul Richards, University of Keele