Energy Assets Champions Safety In The Gas Industry

At Energy Assets we are committed to protecting our people, customers and the environment. Safety is of paramount importance. On Thursday 24th October, employees from Energy Assets attended a gas safety event hosted by the IGEM Scottish Section.

Our very own Stuart McLeod, Policy Engineer/IGEM Scottish Section Vice-chair, Scott MacGregor, Infrastructure Quality Manager/IGEM Sottish Section Deputy Vice-Chair, as well as Infrastructure Field Auditors Andrew Bingham, David Peace, Rob Haynes and  Senor Design Engineers Ben Ibikunle and Padraig Curran joined other IGEM members and industry affiliates for an informative afternoon.

The event, held in Glasgow at the Teledyne Gas Measurement Instrument (GMI) factory, saw gas industry experts from across Scotland, and even from the USA, come together for an innovative and hands-on tour filled with demonstrations surrounding the topic of gas detection and safety.

The event focussed on a niche area of gas detection, the tools used for the job and the safety parameters surrounding them which provided a rare, insightful and thorough look into the inner workings of many gas detection tools currently on the market and their development processes. Content for the presentations included information on the GS700 and PS200 product lines from Teledyne GMI, as well as the latest RMLD fast scan leak detection product from Heath Consultants Incorporated. Each presentation was led by industry experts in their field, allowing for a brief yet in-depth exploration of topics that are usually overshadowed by other aspects of larger projects.

The factory tour of GMI provided an exclusive ‘peak behind the curtain’ into not only the development of many gas detection sensors but also the manufacturing process itself. The tour detailed the ‘hows and whys’ behind many of the tools used by industry professionals today. 

The key theme of the afternoon was around innovation and safety, both of which help to make up Energy Assets Core Values of Innovate, Empowerment, Teamwork, Integrity and Respect, all of which have safety as an underlying motif.

We are grateful to IGEM for hosting such an invaluable learning opportunity. As a company Energy Assets used this experience to offer our employees the chance to expand their knowledge, which will ultimately lead to a safer industry overall.