Kevin Keilty - Business Development Manager

I’m Kevin Keilty and I’m a Business Development Manager for Energy Assets Utilities.

I look after relationships with existing clients, and I develop relationships with new ones. I’m responsible for converting projects that we have tendered into won jobs. I manage a lot of the day-to-day queries that clients have, provide support across the business when a department needs information from our clients, and represent our clients’ interests within our organisation.

What my day looks like

I work from home or in the field 4 days a week, and from the office for the remaining day. I liaise with the team several times a day as I work on multiple projects simultaneously. I will usually be following multiple projects through tendering, design, purchasing and operations, and working with those teams either remotely or face-to-face to deliver what is required as a key part of my role.

I work predominately with the technical, engineering or design managers of our clients to strengthen existing relationships and develop new clients. From these I gather the information required to tender projects, and convert them into live schemes.

The tangible deliverables for my role are sales and providing a stream of projects into tendering design and finally operations. The non-tangibles are maintaining key client relationships, working with our teams to meet clients’ expectations and helping to prioritise outcomes to keep everyone happy.

I rely heavily on the support provided by the Energy Assets Utilities Tendering and Design team, and I work closely with our Project Managers to ensure that we can keep our clients happy. The teamwork within EAU is unrivalled.

My Journey

I started working for Dragon Infrastructure Solutions, who were coincidently acquired by the Energy Assets Group on my first day. Since then we have undertaken a huge change in focus and organisation style. The transition has had challenging moments, but emerging out of the other side has solidified my belief that we will continue to grow from strength to strength as a company. I have also grown through this time. I have had to become more organised in order to keep on top of my workload and make sure our clients are best served. Within my first full 12 month period working for EAU I achieved more than doubled my sales target.

Every day is different, as is every challenge, I wouldn’t be able to achieve anything in this industry alone. It is through clear communication within the teams and with the client that I, and by extension the company, can overcome challenges dealing with them intelligently and directly.

I like the sense of accomplishment and empowerment that I have in my role. One of my favourite aspects is seeing a concept on paper become a tangible delivered solution in the real world.

My Advice

My advice to anyone considering a new role in the utilities industry is to be ready for anything. The day that you think you will be having at 8am and the day that you end up having don’t usually resemble one another. But be ready for your hard work to be rewarded with a sense of accomplishment and empowerment when your efforts yield a positive result.

The thing I really like about Energy Assets is the genuine feeling that the company is doing what they can to create the kind of environment that anyone would be proud to be a part of. I always feel supported and respected and I look forward to each new day and each new challenge.