Kirstie Armsworth - Marketing Manager

My name is Kirstie Armsworth and I’m the Marketing Manager at Energy Assets.

My Energy Assets Journey

I joined Energy Assets in April 2019.

My journey with Energy Assets starts as Marketing Manager across the Group. What drew me to join Energy Assets? The fact that the company is a market leader, growing at pace with a progressive and innovative mind-set and offers a varied nationwide service offering across metering, data, data analytics and utility network construction and ownership.

To be honest, on a more personal level;  when I was at school my initial choice of career was learning a trade however university and life took me in a different direction. So to me working at Energy Assets was a double win.

Although I had no traditional experience in this industry sector, I find that the best marketing managers are well rounded with strong transferable skills. What I brought to my role was curiosity, listening skills and bucket loads of passion. I’m not scared of the new and the unfamiliar and, while I may not have direct experience, I have wealth of relevant experience in other areas that would have an impact in a fresh and agile way.

When I started I immediately knew my personality fitted with the company and the culture. Energy Assets is a great place to work. I look forward to heading into work each day – it's way more than just a job and a pay check. Not only do I enjoy working with the people around me, I also strive to deliver excellence every day by proactively exceeding company and personal expectations.

From a standing start the learning curve was – and remains – steep. As they say every day is a school day. Unlocking my creativity, marketing knowledge and business acumen is a daily exercise to help me focus our planning and marketing communications delivery. Building a sustainable customised marketing framework for growth and scale is my target.

A Typical Day

In my current role I am responsible for driving the effectiveness of Energy Assets marketing across the Group including the brand architecture. I research and analyse market trends, identify target markets, plan internal and external campaigns, develop strategies, and manage the budget, as well as monitor and report on the success of campaigns. 

So what does this look like? Well an average day for me is never the same. Yes, we have a focus on our plan but, as with any good marketing role, the remit is varied so I like to maintain some flexibility to ensure opportunities can be realised.

For instance on any one day I may deliver a PR campaign around our excellent metering work, organise a network utilities photoshoot, speak to a customer, sign off a proof to a printer, develop a new piece of creative design work to explain our ‘final mile’ gas and electricity networks, improve our SEO for our website, recognise a valued employee through the Energy Assets Long Service Recognition programme, promote some company good news on LinkedIn as outreach, right through to scheduled planning meetings with the senior team. The diverse nature is what is exciting about my role. Working with various stakeholders means I have contact with different people across the Group and at different levels. A key personal success metric is learning about the satisfaction of our happy customers. That’s why we do what we do!

Always learning new aspects of Energy Assets, putting my skills to good use and working on campaigns means that no two days are the same - and I wouldn't have it any other way. One element of consistency I personally strive to deliver daily is creativity. Bringing my innovative A-game every day matters to me whether that’s content creation, graphics, videos or social media. Working in a team environment also helps enable this creative spark so I value the marketing team environment both in house and externally. Good teamwork is important as we all have different talents, skills and strengths and I firmly believe we can all contribute to success.

Demonstrating Core Values

One of our core values is integrity. Every day I observe how Energy Assets leads by example acting with honesty to do what is morally the right thing, both for employees and our customers. To me this helps foster a positive workplace culture. One where there is open communication, good decision making and a strong moral compass guiding all decisions and actions. From the very start the company has been supportive, valuing my hard work and commitment.

I believe in Energy Assets as an employer of choice. If any of this resonates with you and our brand is one you also believe in then you could be a natural fit.

As for me, my exciting Energy Assets journey continues alongside the rest of the company. As 2019 rushes to a close we reflect on a very strong year for Energy Assets. Through reflection we look forward to continued growth.  Personally, I look forward to welcoming the opportunities 2020 brings through The EA Way and working with great colleagues.