Major retail brand extends AMR partnership with Energy Assets

One of Britain’s best-known high street brands has signed a third consecutive five-year agreement with Energy Assets for the provision of AMR services linked to gas consumption.

The deal continues a relationship that started over 10 years ago and will see Energy Assets collect and deliver gas consumption data on a daily basis for over 400 stores.

The customer sees AMR technology as a key tool for monitoring energy performance across its entire estate as part of an environmental sustainability programme that aims to achieve an overall reduction in energy consumption (kWh per ft2) of 20% by 2021.

David Sing

Energy Assets’ Group Managing Director (Assets), David Sing, commented:

“This is a real feather in our cap. This customer is one of the most famous brands in Britain and winning a third consecutive contract demonstrates the value that our AMR technology is delivering day-in, day-out.”