Rowland Goes the Extra Mile…literally!

When the Kings Head in Duffield, Derbyshire, suffered a power outage during a refurbishment, General Manager Alastair Morris was facing a fourth day and night without heating or light until Energy Assets came to the rescue.

When Energy Assets meter engineer Rowland Paulucy took the call, he jumped into his van for the two hour drive to the pub despite having already completed a full day’s work. Power problems had arisen during a renovation despite checks and repairs by the DNO. Alastair, who was sleeping at the pub, had endured three days of cold and dark during a spell of freezing weather…and there was no resolution in sight.

There were no issues with the electric supply entering the property, so Energy Assets was called in to check the meter. Rowland let Alastair know that he was on the way and that he would do his utmost to get the power back on.

On arrival, Rowland checked the existing meter and quickly discovered a fault which was preventing the distribution of electricity to the premises. He grabbed a replacement meter from his van and, much to the delight of Alistair, power was quickly restored.

“Rowland came out at very short notice, driving all the way from Manchester to replace our electric meter. After having no electricity and heating for three days I was perished and almost had to go into a hotel - it was that bad." said Alistair.

Rowland was very professional, courteous as well as kind hearted and he even bought me a cup of coffee out of his own pocket! What more can I say but that he is an asset to the company with excellent customer service and training.

Alastair Morris

I really felt for Alistair, so it was great to be able to get power restored – we always want happy customers. That’s what we come to work for

Rowland Paulucy