Stuart McLeod has officially received ownership of the IGEM Scottish Section Chain of Office

On Friday 7th August 2020, Stuart McLeod, Policy Engineer for Energy Assets Ltd and current IGEM Scottish Section Chairperson, officially received ownership of the IGEM Scottish Section Chain of Office. This was handed over from past-chair David McLeod, Head of Business Development at ULC Robotics, in a socially distanced and controlled method.

Says Stuart: “I am extremely honoured and proud to officially receive the IGEM Scottish Section Chairperson Chain of Office as a member of IGEM and employee of Energy Assets. With the history and tradition associated with this historic item I shall diligently, and with great focus, work hard to live up to the reputation and legacy of those who have had the privilege to carry this position before me. My thanks to the IGEM Scottish Section Committee and wider Section Members for your continued belief in my term as Chair. Finally I would like to take this opportunity to thank Energy Assets and my Manager for the continued support and motivation to pursue my career ambitions within the Engineering industry.”

With over 70 years’ worth of history, the Chain of Office is held by the current Chairperson for the IGEM Scottish Section for the duration of their session. At the end of the current session, Stuart’s name will be inscribed on the back of the medallion, adding to the list of those who have held the position before him.