Support for the gas industry through IGEM

Two gas engineers are leading the engagement of Energy Assets professionals with the Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers (IGEM), the body responsible for industry standards.   

Stuart McLeod and Scott MacGregor are both on the road to becoming incorporated engineers and have taken an active interest in supporting the work of IGEM in Scotland through their personal development activities.

Both are on the Scottish section committee and are keen to promote Energy Assets within the IGEM structure as well as focusing on their personal goals in line with the organisation’s code of conduct.

Said Stuart: “The support of our respective teams at Energy Assets has been the inspiration for our engagement with IGEM, and as from April this year, it is proposed that I will be the vice-chair in Scotland and Scott will be the deputy vice-chair. Next year, I will take over as Chair and Scott will be Vice-Chair.”

Stuart’s role at Energy Assets is engineering policy engineer, responsible for ensuring that the company’s engineering standards go beyond compliance in terms of process improvement, technology and validation. 

Mutual respect and honouring the industry are central to IGEM membership, and Stuart certainly feels a strong connection to these values as a result of his father working in the industry for 40 years. 

“Myself and Scott are both committed to the development of IGEM and appreciate the support given by Energy Assets that enables us to increase our engagement with this very important industry body.”