Businesses Urged to Review Their Energy Data to Bear Down on Energy Costs

Businesses Urged to Review Their Energy Data to Bear Down on Energy Costs

Businesses facing escalating energy costs are being urged to harness the power of data to optimise energy efficiency in their buildings. 

Richard Atkinson, Strategic Development Director at Energy Assets, and his team can help organisations through this crisis by providing energy data solutions.

Currently there’s a worldwide squeeze on gas and energy supplies. The reasons for this are a cold winter in Europe last year put pressure on supplies and, as a result, the amount of stored gas is far below normal levels. In addition, there’s an increase in demand from Asia for liquefied natural gas, as business recover from lockdowns. These factors have contributed to rising gas prices in the UK, Europe, and Asia. Since January, gas has risen 250% and from August it has soared 70%.

What can you do?

Energy Assets, one of Britain’s leading independent energy metering and data companies, knows that the review of energy data is proven to help industrial and commercial organisations drive out energy waste and bear down on cost. 

Its AMR DNA service, powered by kWIQly, applies machine learning, informed by artificial intelligence (AI), to progressively improve building energy performance.  It uses half-hourly data from automated meter reading (AMR) systems, and together with weather data and occupancy forecasts, energy managers have the information they need to implement energy waste and carbon reduction strategies.

“With rapidly rising energy costs, there’s probably not been a more important time for businesses to renew their focus on energy efficiency,” said George Catto, Client Services Director at AMR DNA.

“One of the biggest challenges for energy managers is how best to analyse the huge volume of consumption data now at their disposal through half hourly automated meter reading systems. Machine learning, informed by AI, is very good at doing the heavy lifting when it comes to data interrogation.”

Using historic meter data as a reference point, AMR DNA can spot tell-tale signs of energy waste unique to each building through pattern recognition – such as equipment running needlessly, heating controls incorrectly set – and then provide a daily checklist of priority actions to drive up efficiency and bear down on costs.

WebAnalyser, another data product from Energy Assets, captures the data from gas, electricity, and water meters via Automated Meter Reading (AMR) technology. WebAnalyser brings your energy data together into one place, where it can be validated and analysed to identify ways to reduce your energy consumption and minimise your energy costs. There’s also the opportunity to include your energy bills with WebAnalyser, allowing you to get them validated in the system.

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If you want to know more about our data services and products, please contact Richard and his  metering sales team to find out more.  We’re here to help you through this time of rising energy prices.


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