Z-Lynk demand management system helps balance hydro-power network for remote community - find out more here...

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Z-LYNK is a command and control system broadcasting short messages over the existing power distribution network, utilising a transmitter(s) to communicate instructions to an unlimited number of remote receivers throughout the network. Control of endpoints is achieved through a web based dashboard.

Features of Z-LYNK

Network level signal injection

Into the 415V or 11KV network to give EVERY downstream customer the ability to switch loads automatically and also remotely.

100% Coverage

No blind spots, tolerant to noisy networks, no filters required, invisible to network and no attenuation over large distances.


LYNKswitch is an Energy Management System (EMS). It is designed to be ‘standalone’ and able to autonomously execute pre-set rules or to respond to immediate remote requests be manually overridden

  • External Sensors - temperature and light
  • Internal clock
  • Rules are downloaded and stored within memory of the LYNKswitch via the integrated GPRS modem or Ethernet.
  • Will operate automatically if communication is lost
  • LYNKswitch can be made send to alarms on conditions that are outside expected parameters. e.g. power failure
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