We own, install, exchange and operate advanced meters for the industrial and commercial sector, providing data that informs end user energy efficiency. Our automated meter reading technology enables consumption data to be displayed in aM&T dashboards, such as our WebAnalyser platform, giving organisations clarity over their energy performance.

Safety in Gas Metering & Data

The safe and efficient operation of the gas meter installation is at the core of our business. The gas has a distinctive smell added so that it is very quickly identified when something goes wrong. Where, in the rare occasions something does go wrong with the system, you should call 0800 111 999 and report the fault to the Emergency Service Provider. They will give you detailed advice, including you should arrange for doors and windows to be opened to dissipate the gas, and avoid operating electrical switches (and please, don’t smoke or use an open flame).

Since 2005, Energy Assets has provided more than 250,000 new gas meters to a wide range of businesses. These meters are installed and maintained by highly skilled and proficient Gas Safe Registered engineers in accordance with the IGEM requirements to ensure that they work safely and effectively.

Some of the meters and related safety devices are constructed and operated in a way that avoids the necessity to undertake intrusive maintenance i.e. due to the way they are built they will continue operate efficiently and accurately without disconnecting and testing them during their working life.

However, due to the way that some of the larger meter types operate they do require regular maintenance. This involves testing the safety devices to confirm that they remain operational (they sit for many years without operating and we are trying to ensure that they will work on the unlikely occasions when they should). This ensures that the meter installation is effectively renewed whenever the maintenance visit is completed.

The use of the correct meter type for the application ensures that you not only have a safe installation, but also receive an accurate and efficient record of the energy used.

Thus by providing this service to your Energy Supplier, EA helps to ensure that the meter continues to operate safely.

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As a Meter Asset Manager, we work alongside major energy suppliers and partner with businesses of every size, including some of the country’s biggest brands, as well as many of the best-known public sector organisations.

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