Gas Supplier automatic meter reader

It will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete the installation, which is a simple process and does not require the gas supply to be turned off.

You will need to confirm to us:

  • The address where the gas meter is located.
  • Is the meter in an easily accessible location or would we require a key or code to gain access to it?
  • Is the meter above 2 metres from the ground?
  • Do we require any additional authorisation to carry out the works or are there any site security procedures we should be aware of?
  • Is there parking available on site for a transit sized vehicle? If not is public parking available nearby?
  • Who the contact person will be on the day or provide the details (telephone/email) of who the Engineer should ask for on arrival?

Gas Automated Meter Reader maintenance

The maintenance work will take approximately 20-30 minutes, with no interruption to the gas supply. Once the works have been completed, all meter readings will be sent automatically to your supplier.

You will need to confirm:

  • where our engineer should report to,
  • who to ask for on arrival, and
  • any parking that will be available.

Please contact the Energy Assets Meter Maintenance Planning Team on 01254 819 614 or email

Important information for the upgrade day:

  • If your premises are located inside a shopping centre it may be necessary to provide a work permit / method statement and a risk assessment. Please let us know in advance of the appointment if these are required.
  • Please ensure you know where the electricity meter is and that there is nothing blocking it, if the meter is in a locked area / cabinet please make sure you have access keys.


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