Gas Meter exchange / upgrade  

Important information to provide us:

  • The company name/ address / postcode where the gas meter is located.
  • Is the meter in an easily accessible location or would the engineer require a key or code to gain access to it?
  • The location of the meter. Is the meter above 2 meters from the ground (will ladders be required)?  Are there any obstructions.
  • Confirm if there are any overhead appliances i.e.: are there any overhead heater which will need to be re-lit.
  • Do we require any additional authorisation to carry out the works or are there any site security procedures we should be aware of?
  • Is there parking available on site for a transit sized vehicle? If not is public parking available nearby?
  • Are there any other special requirements for consideration prior to the installation visit – – work permit, method statement, risk assessment etc.
  • Who the contact person will be on the day or provide the details (telephone/email) of who the Engineer should ask for on arrival?
  • Confirm if the customer is aware of any asbestos on site. Only if yes; 1) do they have an asbestos register and 2) can this be available for our engineer.
  • Ask the customer 1) if it’s possible for them to send two photos of the gas meter, one of the gas meter and one of the pipe work and 2) this should be emailed with the MPRN added to the subject line to:

Customers can contact us on 01506 405420


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