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Energy Management

We empower our clients with robust consumption data that underpins their energy strategies.

We are an accredited Data Collector and Aggregator and as such are continually measuring and transmitting data to the electricity supply companies, our Advanced Smart Meters have a large number of features to provide end users with detailed information about their electricity supply including;

  1. Date
  2. Time
  3. Tariff (Standard Settlement Configuration - SSC)
  4. Total Billing Energy Consumption together with individual Rate consumptions for consumers on multi rate tariffs.

In addition, Power Factor, Maximum Demand and billing reset information is available for users who need this additional information.



Advanced Electricity Meters Installed

We deliver full half hourly data direct to clients using WebAnalyser



Energy Assets has launched a new energy management portal - WebAnalyser. It captures data from gas, electricity and water meters and presents it within a single dashboard covering consumption for each utility.

As the energy market develops so does the needs of its users. If you know what, when and how much energy you use, you can start to manage and make energy strategies that make a real difference. This change coupled with increased demands from our customers has resulted in our newest product- WebAnalyser.

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