P272 is a piece of OFGEM legislation requiring all maximum demand meters (Profile Class 05-08) that have an AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) meter fitted to be settled on actual Half Hourly (HH) consumption data.

P322 is a follow-up to the initial legislation announcment that changed the compliance date from November 2015 to April 2017.


Who does P272 legislation affect?

The legislation affects those who have an electricity meter in the 05-08 profile class.


How do I know what profile class my meter belongs to?

To find out if you have a meter in these profile classes, you can check your bill.

In this example, the Profile Class is 05:

Which profile class does your meter belong to?

When do I need to comply by?

P322 is an amendment to the implementation of these regulations.

The amendment requires that meters in the profile classes of 05, 06, 07 and 08 (max demand meters) that are AMR are billed using half-hourly (HH) consumption by 1st April 2017.

To avoid any unnecessary disruption or issues with your energy data, we recommend starting the process as soon as possible.


How can Energy Assets help me comply?

You are required to appoint a Meter Operator (MOP) and Data Collector (DC) like Energy Assets if you haven’t done so already.

End customers will then move from monthly Meter Reads and billing to Half Hourly(HH) billing and Settlement as part of the Change of Measurement Class (CoMC) process.

The Change of Measurement Class (CoMC) process is complex and can be very confusing for both customers and energy suppliers, we can help by offering full end to end management of the P272 changeover process and ongoing Meter Operator (MOp), Data Collector (DC) / Data Aggregator (DA) and D+1 Data services.

If you'd like to learn more about how Energy Assets can help you comply with P272 please contact us. 


Are you affected by P272?

The legislation impacts over 100,000 businesses within the UK.


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