At Energy Assets we pride ourselves on our customer service skills. We train all of our employees to provide excellent customer service to each and every person who calls or emails in to us for help.

We are proud to provide timely, empathetic help that keeps our customers’ needs at the forefront of every interaction. For Customer Service Week 2020, we invited several of our talented employees who work across our Customer Service Departments throughout the Energy Assets Group to talk a little bit about what good customer service means to them. Please read on. 

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John Brown - Customer Support Co-Ordinator

I’ve worked with the company now for nearly 4 years and for me I’d say one of the main things I like about working in Customer Services is that we don’t have one specific job role or responsibility. We need to have a good understanding of the business, inside and out, as what we do could have implications for other departments so we’re constantly liaising with various departments such as Technical Support, Finance and other Operational teams. On our journey to providing good customer service I enjoy learning new things to have as good an understanding of multiple roles and their challenges as we can so we do our job as effectively as possible. For me customer service isn’t just about meeting customers’ expectations and providing excellent service, these really should be the basics of any successful business. To do all this we need to have a good team around us and the knowledge to solve problems effectively and an understanding of who to collaborate with to provide the best service that we can to our customers.

Jen McGill - Customer Support Coordinator

I have worked for Energy Assets for 5 years and I enjoy the challenge and variety of my role. I have been able to develop my knowledge of both gas and power due to the number of different types of queries that we receive. To me Customer Service means going above and beyond to keep the customer happy, most of the time being proactive rather than reactive to alleviate potential queries, with a positive attitude.

Jacinta Cresswell - Customer Support Coordinator

I have worked for Energy Assets for nearly 12 years starting at the tender age of 18. I have seen lots of changes over the years from the early days when I worked in planning through to the installations team, new connections and debt disconnections and in the last few years working in Customer Service as a Customer Support Coordinator. This wealth of experience helps a lot when dealing with complex customer enquiries and I get a great deal of satisfaction from troubleshooting and getting to the root cause of an issue. To me great customer service is giving the customer what they need but always being that one step ahead so they don’t need to ask.

Jonathan Farnworth - Apprentice Customer Service Co-ordinator

I am responsible for looking after 8 suppliers and I make sure I treat every interaction with patience and kindness.

Sally-Ann Harrison – Customer Service Advisor

I have worked for Energy assets since 2016. I started off in the Planning Department and interviewed in 2018 for a new role which was made within the Customer Services team. My role within the team is to handle customer enquiries and I make sure I really listen to the customer enquiries. Often customers require help and by listening and offering clear communication I can better help their situation.

Natalie Maggs - Customer Support Co-Ordinator

I have worked for Energy Assets for over 14 years and was one of the first people to join what was Bglobal Metering at the time, prior to being acquired by Energy Assets. Undertaking different roles in my career, I’m now a Customer Support Co-Ordinator supporting suppliers and customers via email, phone, and conference calls and reporting. I’m now seen as the go to person for SMETS 2 queries, managing and supporting the suppliers who first went live with the installs. I enjoy learning new processes and always look for opportunities to improve our current procedures and spending time building a good relationship with our suppliers and colleagues.

Samantha Conroy - Customer Support Co-Ordinator

I am the CSC for two large clients as well as approximately 60 direct customers. I am responsible for maintaining a good relationship with the suppliers/customers through emails and phone conversations. I collate daily and monthly reports to keep the suppliers up to date with the progress on individual accounts. I am their first point of contact for any complaints or issues they may have with complex queries. Customer service means going above and beyond to keep the customer happy, whether that means answering any questions they have or resolving issues with a positive attitude. Customer satisfaction is the top priority.

Amy Chadwick - Customer Support Co-Ordinator

I have worked with Energy Assets for 6 years. My role involves working closely with customers and dealing with them directly for both gas and electricity queries. I enjoy the social aspect to working within the customer services department, I feel that we all work well as a team and have an understanding of all our different qualities to ensure that our customers receive the best experience we can possibly provide.

Anthony Rothwell - Customer Service Advisor

My role involves identifying AMR devices where we have lost communication and then review the situation to determine whether a site visit or remote resolution is required. I also review open site visits to ensure we do not attend where communication has been restored as well as complete regular reporting. My Customer Service role ensures that I provide support to those on the front line and solve their problem quickly and efficiently.


Helmuts Klovans – Apprentice Customer Support Co-Ordinator

I joined the business as an apprentice in March of 2020 and have been leaning the best customer service practices from the expert team around me – remotely of course, due to COVID-19. This is a stressful time for many people, and I am being trained to provide patience and understanding communications with customers.

Stacey Barton - Customer Service Advisor

I have worked for Energy Assets for over 8 years, working in Customer Service can be challenging but also extremely rewarding. My favourite part of my role is that by providing support or assistance to a customer I have the ability to make someone’s day better. I also believe that customer service has helped me become a better person as I feel I am far more understanding and a much better listener than I used to be.

Anthony Hilton - Customer Support Co-Ordinator

I am the main Customer Support Co-Ordinator for a large client portfolio which includes going on numerous conference calls each week and providing many reports on both gas and power for the supplier. I like being part of the Customer Service Team as between the members on the team we have a vast array of expertise to help any customer with any problem.

Denise Place - Customer Support Co-Ordinator

I recently celebrated 12 years working for Energy Assets. In my time I have worked on the Planning team, Installations team and helped out on Dataflows and MOP teams. I’ve seen quite a few changes in the company since I started at Bglobal, which was subsequently acquired by Energy Assets. I was one of 2 employees to achieve the role of Customer Support Co-Ordinator over 4 years ago, and this made me a pioneer of the CSC role at the time. Learning the role with remote help from the Livingston office was sometimes a challenge, and I am proud of what I have achieved. The CSC role has developed over the last 4 years and become an invaluable role within Energy Assets. During COVID-19, CSC’s were identified as Key Workers, and with my skillset in other departments I was happy to do my part to keep these sides of the business running. Being a CSC has great variety and no 2 days are the same. It’s challenging but can also be very rewarding.

Umar Tariq - Customer Support Co-Ordinator

In my role as Customer Support Coordinator I am responsible for providing first class customer service and ensuring customer needs are fulfilled in accordance with our contractual obligations in an effective and efficient manner.

Lisa McDonald - Customer Support Co-Ordinator

I am responsible for liaising with suppliers and direct customers. This can be via email, phone or Porthole systems. I help them with any queries and questions regarding their AMR accounts. We supply any data requests, raise site visit, process new accounts and close down any old accounts. We also identify and try to proactively resolve any issues to ensure that they get the quality service that our customers are used to. I enjoy working with the customers, building up working relationships and helping them get the information they require. To me Customer Services is the face of any business, it’s usually the first point of contact for customers and the service they receive can impact the business moving forward.

Brendan Smith - Customer Support Co-Ordinator

I have worked in customer service for a number of years, previously working in the Darwen office for Bglobal metering before its acquisition by Energy Assets. I have always strived to offer the best customer service possible, this allows the customer to come back time and time again, a poor or sub-standard service leaves you open to losing that business to a competitor.

Julie Lindsay - Customer Support Co-Ordinator

My role title is Customer Support Coordinator. My duties are slightly different to the other CSC's as I manage the Power Projects (and Group Customer with more than 25 MPANS for the same contact). I make the initial contact with the customer to fact find information for the planning team and engineers to help jobs run smoothly. I reply to customer and supplier queries via email, conference calls (teams and Zoom) and telephone. I liaise with planning team and manager, customer contacts, suppliers and TSM’s I also produce daily, weekly and monthly figures and reports. I have worked for EA on the Customer Service team for over four years but in total have worked for 40 years in customer service roles. The things I like best about my role are helping others, investigating queries or anomalies in figures and the satisfaction of knowing that I contribute to the overall success of the company.


Sophia Ceraldi - Customer Support Co-Ordinator

My role within the customer service department is a Customer Support Co-ordinator. I have worked for Energy Assets for 5 years now, I started as a planner and then worked my way up to CSC. Since coming back off maternity last year, my role has changed slightly and I now have responsibility for the MPU process within customer services and do ad hoc reporting and manage system alignments. I enjoy working within the customer service department as I like the interaction with customers and I like to be able to help them as much as I can.