Energy Assets – Celebrating 15 Years of Energy Industry Innovation

Energy Assets – Celebrating 15 Years of Energy Industry Innovation

I think we can all agree that 2020 has been very tough year for everyone. So when Energy Assets reached our 15th anniversary in April, circumstances dictated we were unable to celebrate as we had planned.

We do still intend marking this significant milestone in due course but for now I’d like to pay tribute to my colleagues within the Energy Assets family who have shown remarkable professionalism and fortitude in navigating the evolving working environment brought about by the pandemic.

Since our formation in 2005, Energy Assets has grown from an industrial and commercial gas meter asset manager into one of Britain’s most dynamic independent multi-utility metering, data, utility network construction and ownership businesses.

Through a strategy of organic growth and targeted acquisitions in adjacent markets, we have created a robust business model unique in the energy sector, offering customers a true end-to-end proposition. Indeed, we are the only company of scale in the Great Britain with this combination of services – and this vertical structure creates multiple ‘touch-points’ for our customers, making it easy for them to do business with us.

This year, despite the challenges presented by COVID-19, Energy Assets has continued to innovate, extending our asset ownership beyond metering into the EV market, while our local network division is on track to secure around 5% of planned new build residential connections. A new fibre-to-the-home proposition is also being rolled out.

In addition, we’re also investing in future innovations that will help deliver the energy efficiency and environmental sustainability gains on the road to UK’s Net Zero target.

For Energy Assets, this future-state will include the integration of battery storage and solar panels into local network energy provision, provide asset-based support for low carbon technologies such as EV charging, apply artificial intelligence to reduce energy waste, and design and deliver the hydrogen gas networks of the future. I know that we have the people, the expertise, the business strength and the vision to play our part in this exciting and sustainable future.

As for our meters, they will remain the measure of sustainability; our energy networks will be the delivery vehicles for new and emerging technologies; our construction services will help mobilise the national housebuilding programme; and our data analytics will transform energy efficiency in commercial and industrial settings.

Above all, though, it will be the skill and innovation of our people that will make it all happen…and lay the foundations for the next 15 years of success.


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15 Questions for 15 years

It hasn’t been the 15th anniversary year that Energy Assets Group expected, but as Chief Executive Officer Colin Lynch explains, while the celebrations may have been put on hold, we have remained focused on driving the business forward.

We have attracted new investors, proven the resilience of our business model, delivered on customer requirements, helped support national infrastructure during the pandemic, continued to grow our project pipeline and galvanised our people to build back better.

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Together, we can build a better future

These remain challenging times for everyone in construction, but thanks to the vaccination programme roll-out there is some cause for optimism that 2021 will eventually see a bounce in the economy and a return to more normal operations for housebuilders and industrial and commercial developers.

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Scenario planning for energy managers in the new ‘abnormal’

As the nations of the United Kingdom enter differing forms of lockdown in response to COVID-19, energy managers are facing the challenge of optimising their building portfolio efficiency and procurement strategies without knowing what the future holds.

Increasingly, real estate professionals are turning to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced metering technologies to use historical data as a means of predicting the future by mapping multiple energy consumption scenarios that reflect the shifting sands of the new ‘abnormal’.

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