Energy Assets drives success with vehicle manufacturer

Energy Assets drives success with vehicle manufacturer

When Gray & Adams Dunfermline Ltd, the UK market-leader in building specialist temperature controlled and bespoke vehicles, required an up-graded gas meter they reached-out to Energy Assets for help.  The requirement was to up-grade from a U16 to U25 to allow for greater gas consumption at their manufacturing premises in line with their Net Zero strategy.  The new meter will help supply a further two industrial heaters in the workshop and a combi boiler, which supplies heating and hot water for the office area.

Energy Assets was chosen by Total Gas and Power, a leading energy provider. We offered the quickest turnaround time, safely, in having the exchange completed, as the customer required the works completed as soon as possible.

Bryan Easton from Gray and Adams Dunfermline Ltd said, “The benefits were immeasurable. Communications (with Energy Assets) leading up to the work being carried out were clear and concise. Work was carried out in a timely and professional manner”.

On the day of the up-grade our experienced engineer, Stephen Halliday, carried out the works following our COVID-19 secure policy.

Bryan said, “I can`t speak highly enough of his can-do attitude and commitment to customer satisfaction”.

Energy Assets

We partner with energy suppliers to design, install, maintain and monitor metering installations for some of the country’s best-known private and public sector organisations. All our meters are fully compliant with every relevant legislative and industry standard, whether for simple installations or complex projects.

We complete thousands of new connections every year, so whether it’s a simple diaphragm meter or a complex turbine installation, we understand the importance of installing the meter at the right time and at the right price. Whatever the size of the meter you require, whatever the pressure tier and wherever you are in Britain, we are ready to help.

In addition to our portfolio of advanced meters benefiting from automated meter reading technology, we now offer SMETS2 meters, the second generation of smart gas meters, for installation in micro businesses.

Meter Installations

We design, install, maintain and monitor metering systems – from new installations using Automated Meter Reading (AMR) technologies and SMETS2 smart meters to the exchange of ‘dumb’ meters for advanced meters.

When we install a new or replacement meter, we manage the coordination of site visits and our meter installers, all of whom are Ofgem Accredited Meter Installers (OAMI’s), undertake rigorous pressure and safety control checks as part of the process. We also liaise with gas suppliers to compete the necessary data exchanges between the Meter Asset Manager, supplier and Xoserve.

As part of our support for gas suppliers and end users, we deliver a complete suite of services including:

  • Connection design and construction
  • Installation and maintenance of settlement meters and sub-meters
  • Data collection for billing and settlements
  • Analysis tools which help customers save money by making informed decisions on energy usage.



An Energy Assets COVID-19 Communication Update

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic Energy Assets’ response has focused on the safety and wellbeing of our employees and customers.

Since the Government introduced the nationwide lockdown on March 23rd 2020 we have been reviewing and further developing our Business Continuity Plans, response and recovery procedures and processes and importantly, producing and establishing new and improved support mechanisms to assist our employees and valued customers.


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