Energy Assets Gets Measure Of Smart Fintry Network

Energy Assets Gets Measure Of Smart Fintry Network

Energy Assets, Britain’s leading independent metering services company, is a partner in SMART Fintry, a UK-first project in Stirlingshire that aims to balance local electricity supply with local demand across the grid network. Homes and businesses in Fintry are currently being connected to meters as part of a programme to provide access to a low cost 100% renewable electricity tariff only available in the town.

The Energy Assets technology will collect real-time meter data across the entire network in a matter of seconds, allowing local people to take advantage of cheaper energy by controlling electrical devices through Zigbee receivers. It is estimated that the average home could save £100 on their electricity bill.

The SMART Fintry project aims to develop a replicable means of trading and charging for electricity that allows UK consumers to buy their power direct from nearby renewable energy generators – without the need to install duplicate grid infrastructure. This will drive down electricity costs and reduce carbon for consumers who are located near renewable electricity generators.

The project will also provide a new tariff charging structure (Fintry Local Tariff) via a peer to peer trading platform, with the Energy Assets real time measurement and control system offering load transparency at a distribution network level.

The overall objective of SMART Fintry is to pilot a replicable local energy economy that links local, sustainable generation with consumption and which can be beneficially adopted by other communities across the UK.

“The rapid collection of meter data is vital to the project success,” says Rob Edwards of Energy Assets. “Our ability to read hundreds of meters remotely in a matter of seconds will provide the data needed to enable local people to take advantage of periods of cheaper electricity via our control system.”

The project is funded by a grant from the Scottish Government under the Local Energy Challenge Fund and is being delivered via a partnership between Fintry Development Trust and Energy Assets, Veitch Cooper, Good Energy and Heriot Watt University.

Fintry Local Tariff

Standing Charge Unit Rate Tariff Comparison Rate (TCR)

26.51 pence per day 11.03 pence per kWh 14.15 pence per kWh

SMART Fintry is a two year project funded by The Local Energy Challenge Fund which is managed by Local Energy Scotland on behalf of The Scottish Government.

The SMART Fintry Project is delivered by a consortium of partners: Fintry Development Trust, Veitch Cooper, Energy Assets, Good Energy and Heriot Watt University.


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