Energy Assets Networks Provides Valuable Training for ICP’s

Energy Assets Networks Provides Valuable Training for ICP’s

On September 10th 2019 Energy Assets Networks held an all-day event in Leeds for G98 & G99 Policy training for Independent Connection Providers (ICPs) within the industry to update their knowledge. It also provided attendees an opportunity to ask experts any questions regarding new regulations and policies in real-time.

The G98 & G99 Policies cover technical engineering requirement policies including operations, network specific implementation and compliance.

The event, hosted by Energy Assets Networks, was delivered by Sarah Carter and Mike Kay, of Ricardo, who wrote the G98 & G99 Policies over the last few years for the Energy Networks Association, making them the experts in this field.

The full day training highlighted the major and minor changes from the previous policies, which have now been superseded by G98 & G99. The forum was fully interactive allowing questions and answers throughout the day.

The session was organised by Energy Assets Networks to provide valuable training for both the Energy Assets Networks team and other ICP customers. Activity and events like this ensure that Energy Assets Networks continues to enhance knowlede and expertise across the industry. It also enabled customers to have an engaging and open dialogue directly with the team.

Energy Assets Networks will be seeking to host more days like this in the future and looks forward to sharing our knowledge and expertise in exciting and engaging ways.

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