Energy Savings Tips for Businesses During Lockdown

Energy Savings Tips for Businesses During Lockdown

An opportunity to root out energy waste during Energy Saving Week (January 18-24)
Energy Assets has produced a free COVID energy saving guide to help you reduce your energy usage. Read it here.

Lockdown will mean fewer people in offices and retail outlets around Britain, but for business energy managers it does provide an opportunity to optimise energy performance in buildings before the return (hopefully) to normal operations in the coming months.

George Catto, Client Services Director at AMR DNA, an Energy Assets service that uses artificial intelligence to crunch meter data and root out energy waste, says that COVID is challenging our conventional understanding of energy management.

“This ability to use artificial intelligence to forecast what future energy consumption can look like, and to adapt quickly to changing circumstances, is gaining a lot of interest because no organisation can afford to burn money unnecessarily in today’s trading climate.

“As a building uses energy, several ‘fingerprints’ unique to its operation emerge. By using artificial intelligence systems such as AMR DNA, managers can be alerted automatically to energy waste hiding in plain sight. Our experience is that AI can deliver typical average savings of up to 25% in gas and 15% in power.”

George’s Energy Saving Week tips for businesses impacted by lockdown:

  • Switch-off all appliances not required to be in use, ensure that heating has been turned off or set to frost protection if a building is unoccupied and limit the use of lighting to key areas.
  • Check any ‘Take or Pay’ clause within your energy contract governing minimum energy volumes.
  • If buildings are part occupied, consider moving staff safely to one floor – but ensure you meet Government social distancing and any other COVID-Secure guidelines.
  • Check that all timeclocks and thermostats reflect COVID occupancy patterns
  • Use this as an opportunity to evaluate switching your energy supplier or tariff
  • Investigate any Government support for businesses, such as grants, on the BEIS site



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