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Automated Meter Reading (AMR)

Robust consumption data delivered in a format to match customer needs.


The EA AMR Service

Our ASPCoP-approved AMR solution collects and delivers robust consumption data to drive energy reduction strategies, with consumption data collected every half-hour and communicated for customer analysis via our own portal WebAnalyser or in a file format of their choosing. AMR is installed as part of the EA TEAMS process - Bespoke asset management validation and auditing software is used to electronically capture all stages of the meter installation process including the datalogger install.

AMR - The Benefits of Working With Energy Assets

End to estimated bills
End to estimated bills Removing the need to provide access for visual reads of the meter or estimated bills.
Accurate and up-to-date consumption data
Accurate and up-to-date consumption data The EA datalogging solutions extract half hourly data and deliver this day+1
In House Technology
In House Technology EA's own datalogger Mimir has a great track record in supplying robust and reliable data

ASPCoP accredited

In the non-domestic market, ASPCoP accredited ASPs provide over 95% of all non-domestic data collection for fiscal gas meters.

The Gas AMR Service

Improve your business’s energy efficacy and meet current and future legislation requirements by measuring energy usage with our AMR meter solutions. EA's AMR service puts an end to estimated energy bills with one of the most effective solutions for capturing energy data. Enjoy the facility to compare energy usage across several metering groups as we help your business bring your meter to life!


Features of EA Gas AMR Service


EA has a range of communications methods for data loggers to overcome poor signal on site. Purchase and rental options to support different energy management strategies. Complete digitally managed service providing clarity of a projects delivery. Bespoke project reporting through our dynamic web portal - WebAnalyser- that brings consumption data to life.


Project analysis to provide accurate portfolio information. In-house AMR installation team with nationwide coverage. Customer specific service level agreements (SLA’S) agreed and in place. Each customer has an Account Manager to support the project rollout and data delivery throughout the contract term.


Currently manage in excess of 150,000 data loggers and undertake mass rollouts across gas supplier portfolios. Streamlined data capture via PDAs to provide real time visibility. Proven record of accomplishment of delivering AMR as part of volume I & C meter exchange programs.



Big data means big energy savings if you know where to look. Leading the way in searching out waste through the forensic analysis of energy consumption using Big Data techniques is AMR DNA, a highly-sophisticated energy data processing tool offered by Energy Assets and powered by kWIQly data analytics.

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Mimir X2-G Datalogger - ATEX Accredited

The Mimir X2-G datalogger provides remote monitoring of energy data consumption and plays an integral role within the Automated Meter Reading (AMR) service that Energy Assets (EA) provide to utility suppliers and energy consumers.

  • Zone Zero ATEX Approved
  • GSM - SMS & GPRS communication
  • Multi utility
  • Remotely configurable
  • GM7 compliant
  • Option of pulse replication
  • 1 or 2 channel
  • Integrated Roaming SIM
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ATEX approved Pulse Splitter

ATEX approved PULSE SPLITTER (L4SK0) is a self-contained device designed to split a pulse from a single meter, (gas, electricity water meters and other pulse generating devices incorporating reed relays, open collector or current source) between and up to three data loggers or other equipment including chatterboxes. ATEX certified can be used in hazardous areas, as defined by ATEX.

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