Stuart Mackay – Joining Energy Assets during COVID-19

Stuart Mackay – Joining Energy Assets during COVID-19

I’m Stuart Mackay, Energy Assets newest Marketing Assistant as of October 2020. To date, my focus has been on supporting the team across projects. Campaigns I’ve delivered include the Annual Survey communications in December and the launch of the new EA Glossary. Other campaign work involves the marketing of our data products – AMR DNA and WebAnalyser. I’m also working with the EAL Sales and Account Teams looking at ways to enhance the customer journey and experience to support our relationships with major energy suppliers and clients.

I applied for the role with Energy Assets back in September 2020 which I saw promoted on LinkedIn. All interviews were naturally carried out online due to the pandemic, however, the good communication from my now Line Manager and HR made me feel valued throughout the interview process and informed at all stages of the process. The on boarding process was also more or less all virtual. So my first interaction with Energy Assets has been electronic so to speak – very different.

I chose to work with Energy Assets as I wanted the challenge of a new industry. Previously working in the Finance Services industry, I saw this as a chance to learn new skills and share my knowledge with a new team.

Joining in the midst of a global pandemic was definitely a new experience, but I’ve been used to working with people in remote locations across UK in previous employment, so I was able to draw on this experience for the pandemic and adapt to this new way of working.

My new team and I have operated well with the current COVID-19 working restrictions. The company has provided all with the necessary equipment to work remotely so we have still been able to hold meetings and develop campaigns collaboratively.

Since joining, employees and colleagues here at Energy Assets have made me feel very welcome. Navigating who is who in an organisation is obviously much easier face to face however TEAMS has been the life blood of communications to outreach to the different parts of the organisation. And people have been willing to share information, support campaigns that I’m working on and take my many calls! It’s been quite a steep learning curve for myself so I’ ve been asking a lot of questions!

Whilst challenging in some areas, my new COVID-19 working set up has benefitted my personal life as I am able to be present at home and still do all my work. I’ve learnt the importance of finding a quiet place in the house where you can work with no distractions – it’s also super important to switch-off from work at night and on the weekends. So my work-life balance is good and I thank Energy Assets for their support with this to date.

I look forward to what the future holds and to all getting back together in an office when it’s safe to do so. And meeting many in person! The transition to this new way of working has meant greater flexibility, patience and collaboration on both parts in order to work towards the mutual vision. While I started in the midst of a pandemic, I can confirm the pace, progress and plans have continued as normal in our new ‘different’.



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