An Energy Assets COVID-19 Communication Update

An Energy Assets COVID-19 Communication Update

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic Energy Assets’ response has focused on the safety and wellbeing of our employees and customers.

Since the Government introduced the nationwide lockdown on March 23rd 2020 we have been reviewing and further developing our Business Continuity Plans, response and recovery procedures and processes and importantly, producing and establishing new and improved support mechanisms to assist our employees and valued customers.

Underpinning our COVID-19 response we have been guided by our principles during this unprecedented time:

  • Safety – As a priority we have focused on the safety of our customers and employees
  • Commitment – To deliver on our commitments to the country’s energy infrastructure
  • Wellbeing – To support the health and wellbeing of our people (including a brand new Health and Wellbeing Framework to be announced including Mental Health guidance)
  • Values – Throughout the crisis our core values have informed our decision making

Today, acting as a responsible employer, we would like to re-emphasise our commitment to respond to the Government announcements and measures in a considered and careful manner to serve and maintain our business operations and customer delivery. It is important we provide the confidence to our people to enable them to work and feel safe either in the office, at home or on-site as well as to our end customers.

On Sunday 10th May, the Prime Minister outlined a ‘roadmap’ setting out the Governments conditional plans for England to relax the COVID-19 restrictions to begin to unlock parts of the UK economy. However, the First Ministers of Wales and Scotland confirmed that they will maintain the ‘stay at home” message for now and the restrictions on working will remain in force.

In much of the COVID-19 Government measures, ‘one size does not fit all’. An example of this is in the construction sector with sites opening up to work in England but still closed in Scotland and Wales. As a result, Energy Assets Utilities has implemented a phased return to construction projects this week in England only with a limited workforce. In consultation with clients we envisage operations to increase in line with their requirements over the coming weeks.

Whilst the construction sector activity in England demonstrates a positive step forward, we recognise that Scotland and Wales remain under separate guidance from their respective governments.

Throughout the period of the lockdown we have continued to support essential activities across our Infrastructure, Metering and Data services in the following areas;

  • Essential maintenance as well as continued support services to our metering and data assets.
  • Gas and electricity data services to support our customer’s settlement activities.
  • Essential works and the associated support services related to the gas and electricity networks owned and operated by us.
  • Any essential utility connections required to support critical developments or infrastructure.

As the economy begins to open for business we are now in a position to expand our metering and data activities to include metering programmes, customer driven work activities and additional non-essential maintenance on a phased return approach.

As has been the case during this entire period we will ensure that the safety of our employees and customers remains our priority. As a result of the pandemic we updated our health and safety measures adhering to the social distancing guidance, provided additional PPE and updated all necessary risk assessments. All work activities will always be undertaken subject to these risk assessments, ensuring we protect our employees and customers and to prevent any further risks in spreading infection.

Our company mission is to be the leading independent provider of Multi-Utility metering and network services, delivering efficiency, innovation and value. An organisation which is trusted to meet the needs of its stakeholders in a safe, reliable and sustainable manner. In times like this, now more than ever, it is important we deliver. We all have our role to play. Energy Assets will continue to focus on our core principles, recognise and value our people and consider the welfare of our customers to ensure our sustainable business model and operations deliver today, tomorrow and in the future.

During these ever-changing times, we would like to thank all our valued employees and longstanding customers for your ongoing support and understanding.

Should you require any further information or assistance then please do not hesitate to contact our team.

Colin Lynch
Chief Executive Officer



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