Value for Intermediaries

Value for Intermediaries

Supporting third party relationships

Organisations up and down Britain look to third party intermediaries to help them drive energy efficiency, reduce carbon and keep costs to a minimum. At Energy Assets, we provide dedicated services that drive value across this important area of expertise.

Who we work with

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We have relationships with many Third Party Intermediaries (TPI’s), ranging from energy brokers and consultants to advisors and professionals in the built environment.

They work with a wide range of both private and public sector organisations, providing expert information and advice on best use of energy at the most cost effective price.

Our aim is to add value to these relationships, by providing accurate consumption data via a “white-labelled” online portal for gas, electricity and water, along with analytics to show TPI customers where to focus attention to save energy

Energy Efficiency & Net Zero

Never before have businesses and public sector bodies been so focused on energy efficiency – and never before has there been such an abundance of data to inform the best possible decisions.

We help TPIs create the best conditions for client journeys towards a low carbon, Net Zero future. Our data services linked to our AMR metering technology means that clients can be served with half hourly energy consumption data. This provides the foundation for informed decisions about energy efficiency strategies and tariff reviews.

All presented in an easily to assimilate – and configurable – dashboard of data.

This enables a fast review of energy consumption and patterns covering an entire portfolio in an easy presentation, enabling intermediaries to offer best advice.


Our data provision covers every utility – gas, electricity and water, with each meter point identified for ease of reference.

This holistic view enables consultants and brokers to dive deep into best value strategies for their clients, focused on optimising budgets and reducing carbon footprints. To make this happen, all we need is a valid letter of authority…and then the data can flow.

Data that Delivers

WebAnalyser is a secure portal that drills deep into half-hourly data from gas, electricity and water meters. It is an essential tool in driving energy efficiency and reducing carbon output.

The portal is fully configurable, with a dashboard that visually highlights energy usage across a multi-utility portfolio, down to individual sites, meters and profiles.

Understanding usage allows easy identification of waste or overspend and allows savings to be tracked. Full data validation, tolerance checks and alarms provide immediate management information.

Tariff information can be uploaded and allocated to a meter to indicate energy units per meter. Cost centres can also be created to allow a group of meters to be viewed at a glance.

We bring value to our clients

Unique Offer

A vertically integrated metering, data and utility networks business model driving value for customers.

Future Focus

Investment in sustainable technologies and networks to support customers on the road to net zero.

Corporate Culture

A business founded on respect, integrity, teamwork, empowerment and a commitment to innovate.

People First  

Completely safety focused, enabled by industry accreditations across our all our business activities.

Customer Value

End-to-end customer support, enabled by open data and a single point of contact for every service.

Industry Leadership

Partners of choice for major energy suppliers and leading private and public sector organisations.


A proven track record

A team of dedicated Business Development Managers helping to look after your business.

Energy Assets and Energy Assets Utilities are accredited for multiple ISO accreditations.

We’ve 10 regional offices across Britain, allowing us to provide national customer coverage.

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