Renewables services

Renewables services

Green for Go

We’re focused on the green revolution as Britain journeys towards Net Zero.

Our expertise covers renewable energy connections to the grid, industry-leading energy efficiency tools for buildings, and innovations in local network control to balance demand with supply.


Renewables Connections

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We help renewable generation schemes get up and running. We design and construct the enabling infrastructure that helps brings projects to life….ready to boost supply when needed.

Every renewable energy project is unique and so is our approach with our ICP service. Our NERS accredited team can plan, implement and project manage renewables contestable connection works, optimising delivery programmes through engineering excellence and close liaison with Distribution Network Operators.

Our dedicated design and construction team possess the technical expertise to connect larger embedded generation sites to 11kV- 132kV networks. As a result, we are ideally placed to provide grid connection services for wind, solar, biomass waste-to-energy, gas peaking plants and battery storage. This ensures the rapid availability of renewables generated energy at times of high grid demand.

Our success in this sector means we are already the ICP of choice for two of the largest embedded generation developers in the country.

Carbon Reduction

Our AMR DNA service leverages the power of artificial intelligence to transform energy efficiency in buildings. We use ground-breaking automated data analytics to dive deep into historic meter consumption data to identify patterns of energy waste.

By using the AI data processing tool, AMR DNA progressively ‘learns’ what optimal energy performance looks like – and then delivers tailored recommendations to reduce energy consumption and save money.

Based on the experiences of users, AMR DNA delivers typical average savings opportunities of up to 25% in gas and up to 15% in power.

Ready for Future Demand
We are leading on local power network innovation to head off potential supply challenges linked to greater electrification.

There will a huge increase in demand for electricity as we transition to electric vehicles, battery storage/charging and air source heat pumps, so we need smart thinking to avoid outages.

Through involvement in Project DINO (Domestic Infrastructure and Network Optimisation), we aim to show how AI can safeguard network integrity through two-way communication with household appliances. It is the first project of its type in the UK.


Biomethane Plant Serves 6,000 Homes

A biomethane plant near Pontefract in West Yorkshire is meeting the energy needs of around 6,000 homes, thanks to support from Energy Assets Utilities.

The facility creates methane from chicken litter, food waste and organic matter produced by local farms. The gas is purified to the required specification before feeding it into the national grid.  The gas also powers the site’s combined heat and power (CHP) unit, while digester waste is turned into nutrient-rich fertiliser.

The plant needed our expertise to connect the biomethane site to the mains gas network. We worked closely with the local authority, distribution network owner, landowners and farmers to plan and install the 3km pipeline to the site, using directional drilling.

We bring value to our clients

Future Focus
Investment in sustainable technologies and networks to support customers on the road to net zero

Customer Value
End-to-end customer support, enabled by open data and a single point of contact for every service.

Metering Systems
Enhanced energy efficiency through smart and advanced automated meter reading technology.

Agile Connectivity
Leaders in electricity network adoption and enablers for Britain’s EV charging infrastructure.

Industry Innovation
Unique digital processes, legal services and shared workflows for enhanced customer support.

Empowering Sustainability
Advanced metering for half hourly consumption data, enabling energy efficiency strategies.

It’s estimated that 15% of the UK’s energy is made for renewables.

In 2020 47% of the UK electricity came from renewable energy.

Windfarms now account for 30% of UK electricity production.

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