Energy Assets Pursues Pole Position in Metering Operations

Energy Assets Pursues Pole Position in Metering Operations

World-class motorsport data analytics informs new predictive maintenance regime

Meter installation engineers at Energy Assets look set to cut their carbon footprint, thanks to engagement with a specialist team from Williams Advanced Engineering (WAE).

Energy Assets, which has an install base of 900,000 meter assets, worked with the Business Dynamics Team from WAE – born from the Williams motorsports organisation – to review meter and data logger maintenance and performance. The outcomes included logistics innovations with the potential to reduce field engineer mileage annually by around 10%, along with enhancements in data capture and communication.

James Walker, Group IT Director at Energy Assets, said: “As a business, we have an innovation and continuous improvement mindset, so our objective was to collaborate with a partner external to the utilities industry who would bring a new lens to elements of our metering operations.

“In WAE Business Dynamics, we found a team capable of applying the world-class technology, analytics, logistics and data communication routinely used in F1 to offer a fresh perspective on established ways of working in our industry.”

The performance improvement consultancy team used big data tools to help Energy Assets develop an intelligent risk score covering fault monitoring and predictive maintenance, based on analysis of 250,000 meter assets across Britain.

These data mining insights allowed Energy Assets to take a fresh look at elements of its meter installation procedures, enabling them to plan and resource their field engineering teams more effectively. They also employed advanced diagnostics to inform a predictive meter maintenance regime alongside period-based schedules.

Said James Walker: “As a result, we have been able to optimise maintenance planning to minimise disruption to customers, clarify rules around fault diagnosis, and introduce innovations in logistics. For our engineers, this will mean more efficient scheduling, with the potential for a 10% reduction in journey mileage, and more responsive parts supply, which offers long-term value to our business and a service improvement for our customers.

“We were also able to benefit from WAE’s battery expertise regarding future energy meter battery deployment programmes and advance remote data communication and capture.”

Steven Houston, Head of Data Analytics in the Business Dynamics Team said: “When you think about motorsport you think of operational excellence and data-driven decisions. Our team has been successfully bringing learnings from motorsport to drive performance improvement for our customers over the last four years. Energy Assets embraced these competencies and have been able to benefit from tangible productivity gains and operational efficiencies in their maintenance activities”



Metering, Monitoring and Data – the measure of sustainability

One of the recurring themes in plans for recovery from the coronavirus pandemic has been a determination in government circles to invest in a greener, more sustainable future.

We are all only too aware of the tragic human cost and economic turmoil wreaked by the crisis, but one unexpected consequence of the new way of working has been lower carbon emissions. The government, in the words of the Prime Minister, is looking to ‘entrench those gains’ through the recovery phase on the road to net-zero emissions.


Getting IT right for Information Security

Energy Assets has successfully completed its ISO27001 information security audit, confirming the integrity of company’s processes and procedures for managing commercial and personal data.

Head of IT James Walker guided Energy Assets through the recent 2-day assessment, with auditors particularly impressed with business continuity planning and implementation in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on operations.


Investment in people electrifies performance for Energy Assets

Energy Assets is celebrating five years of success in the industrial and commercial (I&C) electricity metering market.

Since acquiring Bglobal Metering in 2014 – and rebranding it Energy Assets two years later – the company has more than doubled annual I&C meter installations, added in excess of 100 people to its original headcount of 50 and grown meters under management by over 120%.

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