Being energy efficient is not only good for the environment but it also saves money, which means it’s good for business. It is possible to save around 10% on a business’s heating bill by making small, low effort changes. Understanding how this can happen by monitoring energy use patterns is a first step on the way to being able to make real moral, financial and legal changes and differences.

Simple tips to be a smarter energy user

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Advanced AMR and smart meters are great for business. The data they collect make it easy for organisations to analyse their energy consumption – and to take action to save money.

A Smart Meter is designed to provide more information to help consumers to better understand how and when they use energy. But to see the benefit it requires action from the energy consumer. The helpful cost-effective energy savings guide provides energy efficiency tips that, in conjunction with the Smart Meter, could reduce energy consumption and help a business save money on energy bills.

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