Automated meter reading (AMR) is a key building block for energy efficiency and a low carbon future for industry and commerce. At Energy Assets, we work closely with electricity suppliers and businesses to install advanced AMR and smart metering systems that put users in control.

AMR Benefits

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Our ASPCoP approved AMR solution collects and delivers half hourly consumption data to help inform energy reduction strategies for every size of private or public sector organisation. This means more accurate billing based on actual meter readings – and an end to estimated or visual reads. This can significantly improve budgeting and forecasting and drive better energy management.

We also own, manage and install SMETS2 smart electricity meters for micro-businesses on behalf of energy suppliers, enabling even the smallest company or sole trader to benefit from latest metering technology.

These systems underpin large scale meter exchange programmes being delivered by Energy Assets on behalf of electricity suppliers as businesses seek to leverage the benefits of half-hourly data to improve energy efficiency. We are able to collect and aggregate this data as an accredited DC/DA.

This data can inform bespoke project reporting through our dynamic web portal – WebAnalyser – bringing consumption data to life and enabling comprehensive and customisable energy reports, for example to flag exceptions or track vs budgeted spend.

For even greater insights, an increasing number of end users – including large retailers and universities – are taking advantage of AMR DNA, our artificial intelligence service that interrogates historic meter data to identify patterns of energy waste.

Installation & Management

Our in-house AMR installation team operates nationwide, with customers supported on an ongoing basis through service level agreements. A nominated account manager oversees both the project rollout and data delivery throughout the contract term.

Our AMR advanced meters and SMETS2 smart meters are installed using our bespoke asset management, validation and auditing software suite that electronically captures all stages of the installation process.


As one of Britain’s leading AMR service providers, Energy Assets is ideally placed to continually evolve and lead technology advances and product development.

Our embedded electricity meters for industrial and commercial customers provide remote monitoring of energy data consumption and play an integral role within our AMR service.

When it comes to SMETS2 smart meters for micro businesses, once this technology has replaced an existing ‘dumb’ meter, it will enable the collection and automatic transmission of consumption data to a secure web portal, such as WebAnalyser.

Data Collection

Most of our electricity meters incorporate embedded logger technology to enable the automated reading and transmission of consumption data. This means we can provide half hourly data to both end user businesses and their energy suppliers.

This data is captured in our AMR system and presented in a secure online dashboard, such as WebAnalyser. This platform includes the ability to set alarms to flag deviation from defined consumption parameters, and to rank and compare site efficiency and carbon performance vs benchmarks over defined periods. It is also possible to model the impact of renewables on carbon emissions and filter building reporting by footprint area.

WebAnalyser is also an important monitoring tool in sub-metering settings, enabling building owners to apportion precise costs for energy usage by tenant, rather than applying blunt consumption formulae.

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