Gas metering installations exchanges, maintenance & support

Gas metering installations exchanges, maintenance & support

Gas Meter Leadership

As a registered Meter Asset Manager and Gas Industry Registration Scheme accredited connections provider, we are at the forefront of the transformation of metering services for business users across Britain.

Metering Solutions for Every Business

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We partner with energy suppliers to design, install, maintain and monitor metering installations for some of the country’s best-known private and public sector organisations. All our meters are fully compliant with every relevant legislative and industry standard, whether for simple installations or complex projects.

We complete thousands of new connections every year, so whether it’s a simple diaphragm meter or a complex turbine installation, we understand the importance of installing the meter at the right time and at the right price. Whatever the size of the meter you require, whatever the pressure tier and wherever you are in Britain, we are ready to help.

In addition to our portfolio of advanced meters benefiting from automated meter reading technology, we now offer SMETS2 smart gas meters for installation in micro businesses.

Meter Installations

We design, install, maintain and monitor metering systems – from new installations using Automated Meter Reading (AMR) technologies and SMETS2 smart meters to the exchange of ‘dumb’ meters for advanced meters.

When we install a new or replacement meter, we manage the coordination of site visits and our meter installers, all of whom are Approved Meter Installers, undertake rigorous pressure and safety control checks as part of the process. We also liaise with gas suppliers to compete the necessary data exchanges between the Meter Asset Manager, supplier and Xoserve.

As part of our support for gas suppliers and end users, we deliver a complete suite of services including:

  • Connection design and construction
  • Installation and maintenance of settlement meters and sub-meters
  • Data collection for billing and settlements
  • Analysis tools which help customers save money by making informed decisions on energy usage

Meter Removal

When it comes to the removal of gas meters, we manage all the necessary arrangements leading to the cap of the supply feeder pipework downstream of the Emergency Control Valve. Removed meters are processed in accordance with MCoP requirements and we also managed all the required data provisions to relevant parties. We will also remove or alter downstream pipework, if required.


When we receive a supplier or client request for meter service disconnection, we will manage the process from start to finish, arranging access and managing provision of data to the relevant parties.


Many organisations use sub-metering to better understand their energy profiles in order to spot waste and save money. For single site operations, sub-metering provides an opportunity to dive deeper into gas consumption, whether by department, by floor or by function. This approach can also identify data important in fulfilling obligations linked to carbon reduction and the Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme.

For setting such as retail centres with multiple occupiers, sub-metering enables energy costs to be apportioned based on consumption rather than on a broader measure such as footprint.

In all cases, the data collected through sub-metering can be automatically transmitted to our WebAnalyser secure portal, where customers can monitor and analyse their energy performance.

Project Management

We invest in our technical and support processes to ensure the best possible service for our customers.

Our AMR advanced meters and SMETS2 meters are installed using our EAMS process – a bespoke asset management, validation and auditing software suite that electronically captures all stages of the installation process. A call checker is also used to ensure connectivity with the Energy Assets data centre.

Our digital workflows create efficiency and security of data throughout the metering installation or exchange process. The features include:

  • Meter and industry data validation and cleansing
  • Status reporting
  • Near real time web-based data platform
  • Client visibility of activities
  • Electronic industry compliant file flows
  • Digital images at all stages of work undertaken

What is a Micro-Business Smart Meter?

A gas meter equipment that can communicate wirelessly to the energy supplier via the Data Communication Company (DCC) is considered an advanced or smart meter.

We are currently rolling our SMETS2 smart gas meters to micro businesses.

Just like advanced AMR meters for larger industrial and commercial users, smart meters enable businesses to benefit from accurate half hourly consumption data. This makes it easier for them to access the best tariffs, new services and switch more easily to a different energy supplier. And of course, they do away with estimated billing.

A proven track record

We own operate and manage over 1,500,000 assets across Great Britain.

Energy Assets was formed in 2005 and we’ve continued to grow,expand and diverge into all energy sectors since our launch.

We’ve 10 regional offices across Britain, allowing us to provide national customer coverage.

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