Empowering Meter Operations

We are at the forefront of advanced electricity metering systems for businesses across Britain through our position as an accredited Meter Operator (MOP) and Data Collector and Data Aggregator. We count major energy suppliers among our customers as we shape the energy efficiency landscape through meter technology that is the measure of sustainability.

Our Meter Operations

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As a MOP, we install, operate and maintain AMR enabled electricity meters and devices on behalf of energy companies, their customers and high profile end-user brands.

As such, we meet the stringent engineering, technical, regulatory and performance standards set by bodies such as Ofgem and Elexon.

We hold long-term contracts with energy suppliers and end user customers in the industrial and commercial market, and play a key role in the exchange and upgrading of old ‘dumb’ meters to new advanced and smart meters, using automated meter reading and SMETS2 technologies for new connections and change of use.

These advanced systems herald an end to estimated meter reads, by enabling the collection and aggregation of half-hourly and non half-hourly consumption data by Energy Assets through our status as a DC/DA services provider.  The validation of data underpins settlement in accordance with industry procedures.

A proven track record

Excess of 60 technical engineering staff

We own operate and manage over 600,000 electricity metering assets

We collect and process nearly 4 billion pieces of data from our electricity assets each year

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