Energy Assets Utilities is the country’s most agile and innovative utility network construction partner providing grid connections and engineering services.

We offer High Voltage and EHV services across the UK for renewable energy projects.

Bringing renewables to life

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The UK Government has targeted that Greenhouse Gas emissions will be cut to almost zero by 2050 in order to tackle climate change. To fulfil this ambition, there is an urgent requirement for more energy to be generated from renewable sources.

At Energy Assets Utilities, we understand the often difficult requirements in getting a generation site up and running and this is where our expertise in planning, design and project management can be vital. Every renewable energy project is unique and so is our approach with our ICP service.

Our team of experts is accredited by the Lloyds National Electricity Registration Scheme (NERS), so we are able to plan, implement and project manage electrical contestable connection works.

Don’t take our word for it – we are already the ICP of choice for two of the largest embedded generation developers in the country and they recognise that our expertise and technical know-how ensures that we can deliver end to end solutions for their projects. As well as reducing overall costs on the contestable works, our ICP service reduces delivery programmes significantly and we also work closely with the Network operators to ensure that the client’s interests are being looked after throughout the process.

So, whether your project is wind, solar, STOR or waste to energy, we can provide the experience and technical know-how to deliver end -to- end solutions for your project.



Energy Assets Utilities is a fully accredited ICP up to 132kV voltage, making us a superior supplier with proven performance. At Energy Assets Utilities, it’s our mission to make life easier for you. We focus on technical excellence and customer service, offering a consultative approach to the construction and energization of your generation projects.

Fully Accredited Peace of Mind
We’re accredited on the Lloyds Register across gas, electricity, and water infrastructure services. Each one of our utility network installation projects is engineered specifically to meet your needs, without ever compromising on safety and quality. Here’s how we do it.

People & Expertise

We are a leading service provider in Britain’s utility sector. Recruited directly from the gas, electricity, and water markets, our team of engineers are all formidable experts in their areas of expertise. Any questions along the way? We provide all of our customers with a single point of contact, making communication easy throughout the entire process.

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