Water Auditing and Data Services

Water Auditing and Data Services

Dive Deep into Consumption

Knowledge is power when it comes to understanding water consumption and developing strategies that can inform better environmental performance. Through our audit services and our intelligent data analytics, we help customers keep track of their usage…and spot any unusual trends.

Consumption Auditing

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We provide a professional water audit service that dives deep into 12 months of bills to validate charges and to look for opportunities for savings.

Our specialists can also advise on a submetering strategy that will support a better oversight of overall consumption patterns. These simple changes can help spot irregular meter readings that could indicate the presence of a costly leak in the network serving either the main building or a sub-metered section.


Our analytics web portal, WebAnalyser, captures data from water meters – and other utilities – via automated meter reading technology. The data is presented in a single dashboard, which can be customised to report on the priorities of the end user.

Customers can drill down to individual premises, meters and profiles. They can also set alarms for exceptional consumption events outside of benchmark tolerances. WebAnalyser includes a comprehensive library of reports looking at trends and performance comparisons. Putting end users in control through quality data.


Most industrial and commercial buildings benefit from Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) technology which enables valuable insights on energy usage. Multi-site portfolios have too much data to evaluate regularly. The answer is AMR DNA.

AMR DNA is a highly-sophisticated energy AI data processing tool offered by Energy Assets and powered by kWIQly data analytics. AMR DNA progressively ‘learns’ optimal energy performance using innovative AI technology to provide cost saving energy management through tailored recommendations.

Companies across Britain are turning to Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help transform their energy efficiency, improve their carbon footprint and reduce their operating costs. AMR DNA can be implemented across a large variety of businesses and industries as it perceives, learns, diagnoses and recommends based on a number of variables.

Using these dynamic models, AMR DNA applies pattern recognition to “flag” energy waste events – for example when lighting and heating systems fail to adjust to Daylight Saving Time.

A proven track record

WebAnalyser uses aM&T technology which has energy usage savings of 4 –20%, with average energy cost savings of 10-15%

3 Industry accreditations. We’re part of the GIRS, NERS, and WIRS accredited schemes

We own operate and manage over 1,500,000 assets across Geat Britain

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