Water Metering & AMR

Water Metering & AMR

Measuring Efficiency

Our approved fiscal and submetering technologies for water supplies are the measure of efficiency for customers across Britain. We help end users monitor their consumption, empowering their water saving initiatives through advanced automated meter reading.

Metering & Submetering

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Our advanced fiscal metering solutions add clarity and certainty to water consumption for industrial and commercial users. We place power in the hands of organisations to use the data retrieved from meters to influence behaviour and reduce their overall water usage.

For single operator business or public sector premises, sub-metering also provides an opportunity for further insights, enabling water consumption to be measured by department, by floor or by operation.

In multi-occupier settings, such as retail centres, sub-metering enables costs to be apportioned based on consumption rather than on a broader measure such as footprint.

Automated Meter Reading

Our ASPCoP-approved automated meter reading service collects and delivers robust consumption data to drive water efficiency strategies. Organisations are able to track the amount of water used more easily, providing greater visibility and control over consumption and the size of their water bill. AMR enabled meters are also critical in flagging up unexpected consumption patterns, which could be associated with leaks.

A proven track record

Our data loggers supply half hourly data, 24 hours a day, providing accurate energy usage data.

Energy Assets has been operating in the utilities industry for over 22 years through organic growth and company acquisition.

3 Industry accreditations. We’re part of the GIRS, NERS, and WIRS accredited schemes.

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