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Automated Meter Reading

Consumption data delivery using a wide range of technologies.



Water datalogging

Datalogging of Water Company Meters

If you need full half hourly data from your water meter owned by the water company we can arrange a meter pulse utilisation agreement and connect one of our IP68 dataloggers.

The datalogger uses SMS and GPRS technology and will communicate 30 minute data (day+1) into our WebAnalyser webportal allowing you to organise your sites or consumption how you want to view it for analysis. Alternatively we can deliver the data in industry recognised formats for loading into your existing webportal.

Let us take the hassle out of getting your water data.



Over 150,000

Data endpoints

EA manage and collect data daily from these endpoints and deliver the data into EA or customers preferred portal.



Submetering of water supplies

If you own a building but would like to provide a bill to tenants for the water they consume, we can fit a GPRS datalogger or if you have more than one tenant we can install a Zigbee radio based solution that generates economies of scale on multiple metering points.

We audit the job, design a solution and quote for pipework, meter and AMR package. If acceptable our in-house install team will fit and commission the system and provide training on how to use WebAnalyser our energy management portal.

All submetering packages are available as a one off purchase or rental over 3 or 5 years.


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