WebAnalyser new logo and design

WebAnalyser new logo and design

As part of our long-term growth plans and in living by one of our core values, innovation, we’re pleased to present a new look to one of our portfolio brands – WebAnalyser, a leading energy management service.

WebAnalyser provides energy managers with complete visibility of every facet of multi-utility consumption in just a few easy clicks. Our onboard analytics enable industrial and commercial users to understand the critical factors affecting their energy consumption easier than ever before – and when we add the ability to control electrical loads from the same dashboard, the combined effect enables significant efficiency gains for organisations using the full functionality.

The new brand identity reflects the dynamic nature of energy data.  WebAnalyser is already monitoring many thousands of meter points across Britain’s industrial and commercial landscape, enabling energy managers to analyse multi-utility consumption data across their entire portfolio – from complex multiple sites down to individual meters at a single site level. Customers can customise dashboards to access key data quickly, showing total consumption, specified time periods, cost centres, best and worst performing sites, CO2 output and much more, using around 20 pre-configured reports.

The system enables customers to collect and analyse data unique to their business in order to compare consumption patterns across sites to identify opportunities for improvement and potential cost savings. WebAnalyser captures the data from gas, electricity and water meters via automated meter reading (AMR) technology. WebAnalyser brings energy data together into one place, where it can be validated and analysed to identify ways to reduce energy consumption and costs.

The new logo features a bar chart design which reflects the various utility data services, control aspects and data accuracy we provide to our customers. Our brand evolution ensures WebAnalyser remains true to our mission to be the leading provider of energy metering, data services, asset management and adoption services delivering efficiency innovation and value. An organisation which is trusted to meet the needs of its stakeholders in a safe, reliable and sustainable manner.

The logo features Energy Assets brand colours, bringing a more modern and relevant presentation for the product. We understand that evolving our brand to suit our market is vital for success.

Did you know?

WebAnalyser is aM&T software which has been developed by a UK leading software company EnergyLogix and is data and system agnostic. It’s estimated by the UK Government Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) that aM&T technology can help customers to identify energy usage savings of 4 –20% or more, with average energy cost savings of 10-15%.

New Marketing literature

We’ve also been reviewing and updating our literature, highlighting the features and benefits of WebAnalyser. To help our clients and future customers, we have a suite of new sales aid which provide more detailed information on the product, and an infographic document that provides the features of the product in a summary sheet. Again, we understand the importance of providing our customers with user friendly information to demonstrate what WebAnalyser can do to help you.


The support we’re giving WebAnalyser forms part of our strategy to support businesses post lockdown, back the Build Back Better campaign and in line with the UK Government’s strategy on Net Zero.  To find out more about WebAnalyser and to book a free, no obligation demonstration please go to https://www.energyassets.co.uk/webanalyser


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