Making a Difference

Making a Difference

Our Social Contract

When our communities thrive, so do we. As part of our Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) strategy, we acknowledge our responsibility to the communities in which we operate – and provide support for individuals and organisations. No business exists in isolation, so as well as providing employment opportunities, we aim to contribute to the social and economic fabric of localities.

Sharing Success

From sports clubs and local charities to community projects and inspirational individuals, we aim to provide targeted support that makes a tangible difference to the lives of individuals and the work of organisations.

Whether it’s helping talented young sportsmen and sportswomen to fulfil their potential, offering our expertise in creating safe accommodation for homeless people, creating a fund-raising event for a local cancer charity, or sponsoring a youth-focused rugby club, we always look for projects that can multiply value within communities.

We understand that we do not operate in a vacuum – we rely on our communities for the people we employ. So, at the same time as looking after our staff, we also aim to fulfil our side of this social contract.

Raising money for charity

Employees at Energy Assets teamed up for a special football match to raise money for a local charity dedicated to supporting children and families affected by cancer.

The goal for the event was to net more than £2,000 for Children with Cancer and Leukaemia Advice and Support for Parents (CCLASP). CCLASP provides free hospital transport, holidays, trips and a helping hand for the families of children in Scotland undergoing cancer treatment.

We were doubly delighted to support the event because of the experiences of two brothers working at Energy Assets, one of whom had direct experience of support from the charity when diagnosed with childhood leukaemia.

The COVID pandemic challenged communities around the country, so as part of our wider activity we decided to ask each of our seven offices to nominate a charity close to their hearts in the run up to Christmas. Among those to receive donations were many organisations providing mental health support, which mirrored the assistance that we as a business provide to our employees and their families as part of our wellbeing activities.


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