Training and Development

Training and Development

A Learning Organisation

At Energy Assets, we know that our people are our greatest asset. So we invest in a comprehensive training and development programme to help all the members of our team fulfil their potential…and deliver on our promises to our customers.

Our Commitment

As a learning organisation, our training and development resources are focused on proactively empowering employees with the knowledge and skills they need to go beyond compliance with stringent industry standards.

We encourage all our employees to be ambitious, and we offer them great training and career development opportunities through a continuous loop of needs analysis, performance monitoring and review.

Looking Ahead
We shape our training and development actions to meet the changing demands of our customers and the wider marketplace. This vigilance ensures that the skills of our people remain in step with new and emerging technologies and ways of working.

This ethos ensures we are equipping our people for a low carbon future, whether that’s designing and building hydrogen networks, applying artificial intelligence to energy efficiency in buildings or connecting renewable energy sources to the national grid.


Leadership Development
Since late 2019, we have put in place a Leadership Development programme for our senior management, delivered in partnership with Changing Point. This involves 10 workshops over a 5 month period for each cohort.

The Energy Assets Personal Impact Leadership (PIL) programme is designed to break habits, challenge attitudes, change behaviours and encourage collaboration to help both individuals and the organisation to evolve. As such, PIL provides the opportunity to step back from day-to-day pressures and explore how effective leadership can encourage results through others, while embracing our core values of Respect, Integrity, Teamwork, Empowerment and Innovate.

To date, we have engaged with 33 senior managers across the business, including our executive board.


Keeping it Personal
The wide range of roles in our business – and the mix of office, home and site-based staff – means we remain flexible in our training and development delivery methods…whether for apprentices or senior managers. We’ve embraced digital learning channels, particularly during the pandemic, but we also leverage the advantages of college study, workplace sessions – such as Toolbox Talks – and e-learning channels.

As such, investing in our people is central to our commitment to continuous improvement.

Safety First, Safety Always

Learning and development opportunities, facilities and financial support are provided to ensure that all our people possess the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to perform their roles.

Our commitment to training and development is framed by five key objectives that drive programme delivery, enabling staff to:

  • Continuously develop their skills
  • Work safely and without risk to themselves or others
  • Perform effectively and efficiently
  • Deliver to the highest standards

Comply with industry standards, codes of practice and legislation

Staying Flexible

We understand that learning is about much more than just attending courses. Therefore, we work to identify the current and future skills requirements of our businesses and create the flexible learning interventions that will meet the diverse needs of the workforce.

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