Our Journey

Our Journey

End-to-End Solutions

Our unique business model in Britain’s energy market creates multiple touchpoints for our customers. From metering and data services to utility construction and network ownership, we deliver end-to-end solutions.

Market Leading

Since 2005, the Energy Assets Group has transformed from an owner and operator of gas meter assets into one of Britain’s most dynamic energy services companies.

Customer Focused
Through a strategy of organic growth and smart acquisition, we have created a business model founded on long term customer relationships. As a result, we are positioned strongly for a low carbon and decentralised energy future. We are ready to play our part in delivering Net Zero through innovation in energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Net Zero Enabled
We are ready to deliver greater electrification to Britain’s households, to design and build future hydrogen gas networks, and to balance energy supply with demand across local networks.

Delivering on our Vision

Whether it’s gas or electricity metering, data services, utility construction, renewables connections, energy efficiency services or local network innovation, we have the expertise, the capacity and vision to deliver.

Partners in Your Journey
Across the length and breadth of Britain, our people are meeting the needs of our customers and the communities they serve. Our meters are the measure of sustainability; our utility construction expertise is energising residential, commercial and grid reinforcement projects; our local energy networks are balancing future electricity needs; and our data services are transforming building energy efficiency. As a Group, we can be your partners on the journey to a lower carbon future.

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