At Energy Assets, we’re ready to energise the future. To play a key role in helping the nation build back better on the journey to Net Zero.

Our Mission

It is the mission of Energy Assets is to be the leading independent provider of multi-utility metering and data services, asset management and adoption services & utility network construction, delivering efficiency, innovation and value.

Our Business Ethos

We live by our values every day, working towards our corporate mission by being an organisation which is trusted to meet the needs of its stakeholders in a safe, reliable and sustainable manner.

As a business, we exist to:

  • provide employees with a unique opportunity for recognition, personal development and advancement
  • provide customers with valuable and positive solutions to meet their requirements
  • provide stakeholders with outstanding opportunity
  • deliver shareholder value

Throughout the evolution of our company, our objectives and mission statement have remained constant through a commitment to quality, safety, competency and engineering expertise.

This has enabled us to grow into one of Britain’s leading and fastest growing independent businesses in the energy services sector.

Our Foundations

We have our roots in industrial and commercial meter asset management, meter installation and data provision. We count some of the country’s biggest brands and best-known public sector organisations among our customers.

We also recognise and value our people as our most important asset. Our people are a central driver of our success and ultimately enable us to deliver our mission.

Our Values

Underpinning everything we do are our five core values. These define the attitudes and behaviours of the Energy Assets Group and our people. They are the guiding principles by which we develop and grow.

Respect and Integrity are cornerstones of our business. Teamwork through Empowerment enable us to adapt and Innovate.

And above all else, it is Safety First, Safety Always that defines our corporate culture.

Our Shared Future

We know the direction of travel and the pathway that charts the future. We share the journey by empowering our people, by providing our customers with solutions, by creating opportunities for all our stakeholders and by being measured against the value we deliver.

Our goals

Our success is founded in the support we provide to our customers through service excellence, technical innovation and the dedication of our people.  We constantly look for growth opportunities in new market areas through the application of the core skills and expertise that reside in our high performing workforce.

We do all this while holding a lens to our environmental, social and governance policies, celebrating diversity and living our values in everything we do.

End to End Customer Support

Energy efficiency and environmental sustainability are driving national policy like no other time in our history. At Energy Assets we are perfectly placed to support our customers on their journey to Net Zero through an end-to-end portfolio of services.

In this way, we aim to deliver value through established relationships with developers, housebuilders, energy suppliers and some of the country’s leading industrial and commercial brands. By doing so, we will grow existing revenue streams and broadening our market offer.

We do all this by empowering our family of around 800 people working at locations across Britain…ready to contribute to a better future.

A Unique Market Offer

We are the only company of scale in Britain with a combined metering/data services, local network ownership, and network construction offering. Our flexible structure provides our customers with multiple ‘touch-points’, making it easy for them to do business with us.


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