Equality, Inclusion, Diversity

Equality, Inclusion, Diversity

Celebrating our differences

We strive to be an employer of choice…for everyone, by celebrating the amalgam of cultures, backgrounds, experiences and characteristics that make our organisation what it is.

Equality, Inclusion & Diversity

Energy Assets is committed to equality of opportunity for all. This ethos is enshrined in our core values, which underline the respect for the individual across our organisation. These principles of equality, inclusion and diversity are reflected in our policies, processes and ways of working.

We recognise that the differences we each bring to our organisation are the foundation of our strength. Our commitment to equality is shaped by first establishing and understanding our diversity profile, so that we promote policies and practices to ensure our representation of people is both broad and inclusive.

Through our policies, we aim to create an environment which delivers opportunity for all. In this way, our people will fulfil their potential…making our business even stronger.

Our goal is to create a diverse workforce which respects our environment and local communities through ethical and sustainable practices. As a business, we actively monitor our progress in developing a workforce that reflects the communities we serve.

By following these principles, we aim to be a trusted partner of all our employees. To help advance this ethos, we benchmark our success by tracking, measuring and reporting on staff turnover, absence, workforce diversity, gender balance and pay gap.


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