It is the mission of Energy Assets is to be the leading independent provider of multi-utility metering and data services, asset management and adoption services & utility network construction, delivering efficiency, innovation and value.

Our Business Ethos

We aim to tread as lightly on the planet as we can. As a Group, we report on all waste streams across the business. We also accurately monitor energy consumption and implement initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of our fixed office locations.

As part of our operational activities, we receive monthly lifecycle ‘cradle to grave’ reports detailing the waste collected and how it is being repurposed.

For example…

  • Food waste is converted into energy at an anaerobic digestion plant
  • Cardboard is baled and reprocessed
  • Mix paper is recycled and reprocessed into toilet tissue paper
  • Metal cans are recycled into new cans
  • Plastic items are recycled into new plastic materials or converted into refuse sacks and bags for life

One important area of focus has been to reduce the CO2 associated with the transportation of waste. For example, our Sheffield operation has invested in a baler to compress cardboard waste to cut down on the number of collection journeys.

We have also developed strategies to reduce our operational carbon footprint, notably by adjusting heating and air conditioning settings, introducing LED lighting and specifying low powered IT equipment. This resulted in a 10% reduction in energy consumption across the Group in 2019.

We are also investing in EV charge points and changing our procurement policy to favour energy efficient vehicles. We recently worked with Williams Advanced Engineering, part of the famous motorsports group, on a meter logistics exercise that will cut our engineer journeys by about 10%.

Our sustainability commitments have also had a wider community benefit. For example, plastic bottles sent for recycling are processed by a charity providing retraining opportunities for vulnerable people, while large wooden cable drums at the end of their useful lives were repurposed as tables at a local children’s nursery.

And now, we are looking to go beyond our accreditation to ISO 14001, which specifies the requirements for an effective environmental management system, to achieve ISO 50001 in 2021. This accreditation provides a framework for continuous improvement in energy management.

Driving down our carbon footprint

We are developing a long term Net Zero strategy focused on reducing our impact on the environment. This will continue to evolve, but progress is being made in the following areas:

  • We have established the Energy Assets Fleet Innovation Group, who are tasked with reducing the carbon emissions from our fleet. This includes undertaking trials with electric vehicles to understand any potential challenges these might present for operations.
  • We operate a hybrid or electric vehicle only policy for company cars.
  • We will regularly undertake energy reduction measures and surveys and feasibility studies across our fixed locations, with a view to the installation of photo voltaic cells to enable our sites to generate their own electricity. This may be improved via battery technology that is charged by solar energy.
  • We aim to reduce business related travel and use technology to improve efficiency while reducing our carbon emissions.
  • We will make rail the preferred method of travel for all UK based journeys, whenever this is possible.
  • We aim to achieve ISO50001 Energy Management Systems certification to ensure we are following best practice and that our practices are audited and verified by an external organisation.
  • We will launch a Group wide awareness campaign to reinforce Net Zero messaging, highlighting the measures we all need to take both at work and at home to reduce carbon emissions.


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