Why Employing Apprentices is Good for Business

Why Employing Apprentices is Good for Business

Apprenticeships are great for young people and career changes – and Will Moir, Head of Learning and Development at Energy Assets, believes that National Apprenticeship Week is also the perfect chance for employers to emphasise the boost that these programmes provide for their businesses and the wider economy.

Will believes that the benefits of taking on Apprentices go far beyond their role within the company that employs them. We invited Will to talk about this in more depth.

“The energy industry faces an impending and significant skills shortage in key areas over the next decade, notably in engineering. So we made a proactive decision at Energy Assets in 2018 to address some of these challenges in-house by investing in an Apprenticeship programme. Of course our aim was to grow the skills we needed for our company, however we also recognised that there was a wider industry challenge to address, which was to help develop a pipeline of talent for the future health of the sector.

By training the next generation of engineers, technicians, IT specialists and service professionals for the industry now, there is a two-way benefit. The next generation are taught by experienced sector experts who can pass on a wealth of wisdom and experiential learnings. And the business benefits from on-boarding the next generation is that they will have new and fresh ways of looking at things, for example, new technology, as well as for the most part, excellent IT skills from the offset.

This has certainly been the case for Energy Assets Apprentices where existing IT skills, coupled with an infectious enthusiasm and willingness to learn, has impressed everyone across the organisation, including those at senior management level.

Energy and the environment are rightly at the forefront at the moment, so it’s vital that, as an industry, we encourage and train the people who will be important in the years ahead. This ‘foundation’ work means that every employer has an equal part to play.

Our Learning and Development Department adapted to this increased need and embraced our sense of responsibility to the industry by adding more suppliers and providers of Apprenticeships to our network. We did this in order to branch out to as many parts of the business as possible whilst still offering excellent support.

Energy Assets works with training providers to shape each Apprenticeship programme and offers each Apprentice a personalised development programme. We reward our Apprentices with a solid pay and benefits package that far exceeds the norm – including for example a 5-day Outward Bound Trust team skills-building experience.

This programme fits in with our commitment to be an employer of choice in the communities in which we are based. We also continue to attract applications from an equal number of young women and men from a diverse range of backgrounds, all of whom are eager to make their mark in our exciting company in what is a growth industry. Apprentices will help to innovate the industry from the inside. We want to empower anyone who has the drive to succeed to thrive within not only within Energy Assets, but their own professional careers and the industry.”

If you would like to find out more about our Apprentice Programme click here. You can also view our current vacancies by visiting the careers section of our website.



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