Gas Meter Exchange Project Management

Energy Assets has developed the industry's most advanced end to end digital solution for material stock control, work planning, management, tracking, auditing and ensuring compliance of gas meter exchange and installation activities.

Firstly all the work is issued through Energy Assets own work management system called TEAMS. This web based software facilitates our team and partner OAMI’s (Ofgem Approved Meter Installers) to track, manage, plan and review the work as it happens. All parties involved with the work from planning through to completion are able to view and update the same live system.

On completion of work, the engineer on site captures all activity “live” using an electronic hand held unit. This system records:

1. Location

a) Meter Point Reference Numbers (MPRN)

b) Address

c) GPRS location

2. Meter details

a) Removed asset details (where applicable)

b) New Meter details captured by barcode scanner (serial number, make, model and asset technical detail)

c) Materials used

d) Photographic evidence (see below)

e) Tightness Test Record

3. Site/Housing

a) Condition of gas meter housing

b) Compliance of location to current standards

c) Notification of remedial works required

4. Compliance to statutory requirement

a) Compliance to industry and legislative standards

b) Digital record of statutory test data

c) Gas Safe Notices and Reportable Incidents

5. Photographic Evidence

a) Existing meter installation – providing evidence of condition and components on site

b) Closing read – visual evidence for provision to the gas supplier should queries arise

c) New meter installation – provides evidence of completion and a means of visual audit

d) New meter opening read - visual evidence for provision to the gas supplier should queries arise

e) Composite label – evidence of correct technical parameters and safety/emergency labelling

On completion the data captured on the handheld is time stamped and transmitted direct to a web portal. This data is automatically directed into two separate processes purpose built by Energy Assets and our partners to support our activities.

 Slip Stream - Automatic stock replacement system which orders replacement materials from an approved vendor for traceability of materials. Also auto generation of invoices ensuring materials can be tracked to the specific MPRN and responsible engineer.

 TEAMS – Bespoke asset management validation and auditing software used to electronically check the information generated on the hand held –

- Address/Postcode


- Removed asset details

- Installed asset details

- Installed asset serial number

These processes form the foundations of our robust inspection and audit trail and once validated the system generates the relevant industry compliant files for supply to the gas supplier via the IX (industry communications platform). In addition the data is transferred to our Asset Management Database called WAMS where all the data is recorded permanently in electronic format, ensuring asset tracking and maintenance scheduling is undertaken accurately.


Energy Assets

Asset management services provided by an Ofgem accredited MAM


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