Take Control of Your Data With WebAnalyser

Take Control of Your Data With WebAnalyser

Our WebAnalyser portal enables energy managers to create customised reports linked to half-hourly data from gas, electricity and water meters. It is an essential tool in driving energy efficiency and reducing carbon output.

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WebAnalyser captures the data from gas, electricity, and water meters via Automated Meter Reading (AMR) technology. WebAnalyser brings your energy data together into one place, where it can be validated and analysed to identify ways to reduce your energy consumption and minimise your energy costs. There’s also the opportunity to include your energy bills with WebAnalyser, allowing you to get them validated in the system.

This allows you to:

  • review your gas, electricity, and water usage
  • save money on your utility costs
  • produce tailored reports
  • help in your company’s environmental commitment
  • review data online, anywhere, at any time and on any device

Through WebAnalyser, you can:

  • Identify energy ‘issues’ in-order-to implement system improvements
  • Utilise energy dashboards
  • Easy-to-use reporting tools to reduce ongoing administration times
  • Monitor system and asset performance
  • Choose two different reporting perspectives –consumption and cost

WebAnalyser is an automatic monitoring and targeting (aM&T) system, developed by a UK leading software company, Energy Logix.

The system captures energy data and presents it within a single dashboard.

If you know what, when and how much energy you use, you can start to manage your energy usage and improve your business energy strategies.  These can make a real difference to both your cost savings and environmental impact.

You’re in control

There are three key factors to understanding your energy; 1) what you’re using, 2) when you’re using it and 3) how much you’re using.

WebAnalyser lets you choose what you view on your dashboard, what it reports, where you see it, how this is presented and when you see it.

You have the choice of either:

  • Dashboard mode

Ideal for quick analysis – providing you with a brief snapshot of your data and headline figures for energy consumption, carbon dioxide emissions and key performance indicators.

  • Admin mode

Allows you to drill further down into your data to perform more in-depth analysis.

Why chose WebAnalyser?

Energy Assets launched WebAnalyser in 2015 as part of our overall commitment to connect metering, energy data and network services for Britain’s energy and utilities market.

Since its launch, the service has grown to be one of the leading data services in the UK.  With thousands of meters logged to the service, customers across Britain are receiving detailed daily access to their utility data.

Why use aM&T system?

The UK Government’s Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) states aM&T equipment enables businesses to:

  • identify ways to reduce energy costs
  • to pinpoint energy wastage
  • to be made aware of instances of exceptionally high energy consumption
  • to put in place robust and long-term energy management practices

It is estimated that this technology can help customers to identify:

  • energy savings of 4 –20% or more
  • average cost savings of 10-15%

More information can be found on the BEIS site.


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